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Safety codes

Codes for a range of safety disciplines are used to keep the public safe in the places they live, work and play.

Services and information

Learn about the codes, standards and data for amusement rides.

Safety codes for boilers and pressure vessels and dangers of misusing propane cylinders.

Building codes, standards, guidelines and forms.

Electrical codes and standards currently in force and available for purchase.

Elevating devices codes and standards currently in force, STANDATA bulletins and advisories.

Fire codes and standards currently in force, STANDATA bulletins, advisories, petroleum tank management and more.


Natural and propane gas codes and standards, advisories, forms and STANDATA.

Plumbing codes, standards, advisories and resources.

Private sewage codes and standards plus packaged sewage treatment plant standards and distributors.

Codes, standards and advisories related to passenger ropeways, commonly known as ski lifts.

Monetary penalty issued by Municipal Affairs for non-compliance with the Safety Codes Act.