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The  Occupational Health and Safety Act and Occupational Health and Safety Code require that employers register their radiation equipment. This can be done by getting a radiation equipment registration certificate from an authorized radiation health registration agency..

How to get certified

Follow these steps to get a certificate:

Step 1. Determine if you need to register equipment

You will need to get a radiation equipment registration certificate if you or your company uses any of the following designated equipment:

  • diagnostic or therapeutic x-ray equipment
  • particle accelerators
  • baggage inspection x-ray and security x-ray equipment
  • cabinet x-ray and diffraction and analytical x-ray equipment
  • industrial x-ray equipment
  • irradiation x-ray equipment
  • class 3b or 4 lasers

Step 2. Find out who can register your equipment

Certain professional colleges, associations and academic institutions can register your radiation equipment.

Step 3. Get your equipment inspected and tested

Authorized radiation protection inspection agencies can inspect and test your equipment.

Once you have found a suitable agency, contact them directly to set up an inspection date.

Resource: Registration of radiation equipment (RAD009)


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