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Alberta's Recovery Plan is a plan to breathe new life into Alberta's economy and create new opportunities for every Albertan. It's a plan to build, to diversify, and to create jobs.

We launched the plan in June 2020 during a worldwide pandemic, global recession, and collapsing world oil prices. Today, Alberta's economy is on the rebound.

We are projected to lead the country in economic growth both this year and next. Alberta’s Recovery Plan capitalizes on that momentum and will help every Albertan take hold of our bright future.

How Alberta's Recovery Plan will work

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    Strengthening our workforce

    We're investing in programs to get Albertans back to work in good-paying jobs, and we're transforming our adult learning system to nurture talent, create opportunities for industry, and give Albertans the training, skills and knowledge they need for Alberta's future-ready workforce.

  • Actions we're taking

    Every day, the world becomes more technology and innovation-focused. We’re taking action to ensure Alberta’s workforce remains highly skilled and has the expertise businesses need for the jobs of today and tomorrow:

    • Getting thousands of Albertans back to work through the Alberta Jobs Now program by helping businesses offset the cost of hiring and training unemployed or underemployed Albertans in new or vacant positions.
    • Removing barriers to labour mobility to ensure skilled and talented professionals from across Canada can get to work quicker by recognizing out-of-province credentials.
    • Attracting the best and brightest job-creating entrepreneurs and skilled graduates to Alberta through the International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream and the Foreign Graduate Start Up Visa Stream.
    • Making sure our province is ready to meet the increasing demand for highly skilled workers in all sectors of the economy through the Alberta 2030: Building Skills for Jobs strategy to:
      • build a world-class post-secondary system that draws and nurtures talent
      • create opportunities for business and industry to thrive and invest in our province
      • ensure current and future generations have the skills and knowledge they need to succeed
      • create more opportunities for paid apprenticeships by expanding the apprenticeship model to other careers

    Enhancing our post-secondary system through investments

    • $15 million over 3 years through a partnership with Mitacs to support more than 3,800 internship opportunities to help promising students gain world-class research skills from industry professionals.
    • $20 million to increase direct support for apprentices and invest in the organizations that promote apprenticeship and help these students gain critical on-the-job experience.
    • $3.6 million to industry associations to create on-the-job learning opportunities for 650 post-secondary students as part of the Work Integrated Learning Voucher Pilot Program.
    • $714,000 to support the veteran-friendly campus program at the University of Alberta to help veterans achieve their educational goals and build new careers.
    • $25.8 million over the next 3 years to support healthy campuses and student mental health.
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    • Alberta Jobs Now program offers businesses and non-profits funding to reduce the cost of hiring and training Albertans for new jobs.
    • International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream allows qualified international graduates from Alberta post-secondary institutions to apply for permanent residence if they want to establish or operate a business in Alberta.
    • Foreign Graduate Start-Up Visa Stream helps talented and qualified foreign educated graduates from outside of Canada to apply for permanent residence upon launching start-up enterprises and innovative businesses in Alberta.
    • Work-Integrated Learning pilot program is creating new learning opportunities to help students get the job ready-skills they need, while providing employers with access to local talent.
    • Women Building Futures offers training, mentorship and support for women considering a career in the trades.
    • Leaders in Equality Award of Distinction (LEAD) program supports students who work to reduce gender discrimination in their communities or increase gender representation in their field of study.
    • Mitacs internship programs for Albertans offer hands-on learning opportunities for students to gain research skills from experienced industry professionals.
    • ALIS is a self-service tool that provides Albertans with labour market information and advice to help them plan careers, find learning opportunities and gain employment.

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    Growing our resources

    To grow our economy and pave the way to an even brighter future for all Albertans, we're building on Alberta's strong foundation as a responsible and innovative energy leader, a major source of high-quality agricultural and forest products, and a world-class tourism destination.

  • Actions we're taking

    Alberta’s energy sector will continue to play a key role in meeting the world’s post-pandemic energy needs as it enables other emerging sectors to grow and succeed.


    • Setting an unprecedented path toward a new, innovative and diversified energy future while reducing emissions, supporting the development of ground-breaking technology and encouraging investment by:
      • standing up for Alberta, fighting for increased market access and protecting the value of our energy exports to grow our economy and create jobs
      • launching a value-added natural gas strategy and petrochemical incentive program focused on emerging opportunities to meet the growing demand for vital life-enhancing consumer products
      • releasing a hydrogen roadmap to chart our path to becoming a key part of the global clean hydrogen economy and supporting our place as an international supplier of responsible energy products
      • joining other provinces in supporting the development of small modular nuclear reactors
      • leveraging Alberta’s natural geological advantages and furthering energy diversification by introducing a new minerals strategy
      • ensuring Indigenous businesses and communities play a meaningful role in the post-pandemic energy strategy and become partners in prosperity
      • advancing Alberta’s position as a leader in environmental, social and governance to demonstrate the critical role our resources, technology and renewable opportunities will play in the transformation to a lower-carbon economy
      • speeding up well, pipeline and site clean-up efforts in the oil and gas sector through the Site Rehabilitation Program
      • working with our U.S. partners on a strategy to bolster energy security and independence
      • developing geothermal related regulations and regulation amendments that would provide the Alberta Energy Regulator with the authority to regulate the safe, efficient and responsible development of Alberta’s geothermal resources
      • advancing the goal of national energy and resource corridors by establishing a task force to work with industry and other levels of government

    Agriculture and forestry

    • Amplifying Alberta’s hard-earned reputation for high-quality agricultural and forest products and a growing capacity to help meet the global demand for food by:
      • launching ambitious targets that will attract investment to enhance our value-added processing capacity and expand export opportunities to key global markets
      • expanding and modernizing irrigation infrastructure with a record $933-million investment to increase primary agriculture production, support a diversified value-added processing industry, improve water efficiency and storage capacity, and create up to 7,300 direct and indirect jobs and up to 1,400 construction jobs
      • investing $24 million to expand the Agrivalue Processing Business Incubator
      • implementing the Forest Jobs Action Plan to provide our forest companies with sustainable, long-term access to trees, while ensuring our forests continue to provide positive benefits for the environment and can be enjoyed by future generations

    Reducing emissions

    • Empowering Alberta’s industries to continue their impressive leadership reducing emissions and developing game-changing technologies through:
      • the Alberta-made, industry-funded Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) system will invest up to $750 million over 3 years to drive significant emissions reductions, support up to 8,700 jobs, and inject $1.9 billion into the economy
      • an internationally recognized methane emissions management framework
      • further develop carbon capture, utilization and storage and other technologies


    • Building on our tourism sector that employs more than 68,000 Albertans, adds more than $6.5 billion annually to the economy and attracts people from all over the world to our province by:
      • developing a tourism strategy to support recovery and ongoing sustainable investment in tourism
      • reducing red tape and regulatory barriers to growth
      • providing tourism organizations in Calgary, Edmonton, Banff, Jasper and Canmore with a total of $8 million last year to attract visitors to the province that will frequent local businesses and get Albertans working
      • providing $3.75 million over the next 3 years to Indigenous Tourism Alberta to help grow Indigenous tourism businesses across the province
      • expanding Travel Alberta’s role within the province to include helping develop new travel destinations and expanding tourism across the province, in addition to marketing and promoting Alberta as a must-see tourism destination
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    Building for the future

    From rural broadband and once-in-a-generation irrigation projects, to shovel-ready transportation and health-care projects and schools – we're building the infrastructure Alberta needs now so we can dream big tomorrow.

  • Actions we're taking

    We are investing in critical infrastructure projects to lay the foundation for thousands of good-paying private-sector jobs, build our communities and make Alberta more attractive to investors and employers looking to relocate.

    • Expanding rural broadband will capitalize on the tremendous potential of rural Alberta as a world-class destination for people to live and raise a family while still working for companies on Bay Street, Wall Street and Main Street.
    • Investing $20.2 billion in infrastructure projects over 3 years to support more than 19,000 direct and 12,000 indirect jobs each year:
      • $5.8 billion for direct municipal support
      • $3.2 billion for capital maintenance and renewal of public infrastructure, including hundreds of projects to maintain and improve the condition of Alberta’s highways and bridges to support safe and efficient travel
      • $1.8 billion for new roads and bridges across the province
      • $2.2 billion for health facilities, including reducing wait times and expanding overall capacity so Albertans have they need no matter where they live
      • $1.5 billion for school projects, including new funding for 15 priority and continued work on dozens of previously announced school projects across Alberta
      • $1.3 billion to streamline government service delivery
      • $806 million for public safety and emergency services projects
      • $750 million for agriculture and natural resource projects
      • $306 million for family, social supports and housing
      • $301 million for sports and recreation projects
      • $209 million for post-secondary infrastructure including $41 million over 3 years for the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology’s John Ware Building Redevelopment project
      • $1.95 billion in self-financed investments for schools, universities, colleges and hospitals
    • Increasing funding for municipalities through the Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program, adding an additional $50 million to support 70 priority infrastructure projects.
    • Partnering with the Canada Infrastructure Bank and 10 irrigation districts to expand and modernize Alberta’s irrigation infrastructure.
      • At $933 million, the largest one-time investment in irrigation in the province’s history will transform up to 230,000 acres and create more than 8,700 jobs.
      • Expanding irrigation infrastructure to increase primary production will support a diversified value-added processing industry.
    • Pursuing alternative financing options and attracting private sector investment to help build much needed infrastructure, create jobs and stimulate the economy while making the most of limited taxpayer dollars. Five Alberta high schools will be built using a public-private-partnership (P3) model, which will save $114.5 million and create 1,687 jobs.
    • Investing in federal-provincial-local cost-sharing projects through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program. To date, 85 projects are approved in 30 constituencies across Alberta, and hundreds more shovel-ready projects, which can be actioned quickly to offset challenges brought on by the pandemic.
    • Strengthening infrastructure planning using the Infrastructure Accountability Act and the 20-year strategic capital plan to guide budget and capital project priority decisions.
    • Helping Indigenous community-owned businesses capitalize on business development opportunities to improve socio-economic outcomes by providing $15 million over 3 years for the Aboriginal Business Investment Fund
    • Taking steps towards building a provincial hydrogen economy and accessing global markets with $10 million over 3 years for the Clean Hydrogen Centre of Excellence
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    Helping everyday Albertans

    We're providing the supports Alberta businesses and families need to get back to work and thrive as our economy recovers and grows.

  • Actions we're taking

    We are supporting Alberta’s small businesses, workers and their families to set them up for success as we move beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Relief for families

    • Provided targeted relief for Albertans struggling to make ends meet over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic by:
      • providing emergency isolation payments in March 2020 to bridge the gap until federal programs became available
      • banning rental evictions
      • deferring student loan payments
      • providing funding for caregivers of those who fell ill
      • providing a one-time payment of $561 per child to over 20,000 families through the Working Parents Benefit to help parents with the cost of licensed or unlicensed daycare, day homes, out-of-school care, or preschool
      • providing a one-time payment of $1,200 through the Critical Worker Benefit in early 2021 to recognize the hard work healthcare, social service, education and private sector workers provided to Albertans during the pandemic
      • providing rent relief to 35,500 Alberta households over the next 10 years to help low-income Albertans, including seniors
      • deferring education property taxes and freezing the rate at 2019 levels
    • Directing over $130 million so that working parents had access to safe, high quality child care throughout the pandemic - further investments will continue to provide Albertans with more affordable, safe, high-quality, child care provided by the thousands of child care small businesses.
    • Committed up to $45 million for all schools to offer small group intensive literacy and numeracy interventions for Grade 1 to 3 students who are assessed as needing additional help.

    Supports for businesses

    • Provided up to $30,000 to help over 90,000 business owners offset lost revenues through the $1-billion Small and Medium Enterprise Relaunch Grant.
    • Deferring corporate income tax collection for 6 months, providing $1.5 billion in relief.
    • Deferring 2020 WCB premiums and paying 50% of the premiums for small and medium businesses, saving them over $315 million.
    • Providing a 90-day deferral for utility payments in spring 2020.
    • Banning commercial evictions, rent increases and late fees for commercial tenants.
    • Allowing accommodation providers to keep tourism levy amounts collected between March 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021.

    Reducing red tape

    • Reducing the regulatory burden and red tape that slows down business in Alberta, saving job creators both time and money by:
      • enabling Alberta businesses to incorporate and get their federal business number and federal tax program account number in one easy step
      • removing barriers to help businesses adapt to public health measures put in place in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, such as allowing restaurants and bars to sell liquor and cocktails for takeaway
      • modernizing numerous aspects of the Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act to improve operations and competitiveness of Alberta’s liquor producers and retailers, giving small liquor manufacturers, retailers, bars and restaurants more flexibility and opportunities to grow their businesses and create jobs
      • eliminating barriers to newcomers to Alberta with the Fair Registration Practices Act
      • streamlining online safety codes, permitting and inspections services to reduce paperwork for accredited organizations and increasing efficiency of site inspections
      • amending the New Home Buyer Protection Act, which repealed the requirement for builders to complete a redundant Building Assessment Report for new condominium construction, saving Alberta builders and homebuyers approximately $2.7 million per year
      • amending the Food Regulation, which reduced unnecessary regulatory burden on businesses and directly responds to public recommendations to reduce red tape. As of June 1, 2020, Albertans can make low-risk foods in their home kitchen for sale to the public, subject to certain restrictions and safe food handling, allowing small entrepreneurs more opportunities to sell without requiring permits, inspections, or investment in a commercial kitchen
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    • Child care subsidy has been expanded to help all families of children 0 to kindergarten age earning up to $180,000 through the new federal-provincial child care agreement.
    • Stabilize Program provides one-time operational funding for rodeos, sports and other venue-based groups to help stabilize Alberta’s live experience sector.
    • Rapid Testing Program offers free COVID-19 rapid test testing kits to Albertans for at-home use.
    • The Agriculture Jobs Connector is an online tool to help connect Albertan job seekers with employers in the agriculture and food sector.

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    Diversifying our economy

    We're diversifying our economy today to create more jobs for tomorrow by accelerating growth in new and emerging sectors like tech and innovation, finance, fintech, hydrogen, film and television production, and more.

  • Actions we're taking

    With our strong economic fundamentals, favourable demographics, highly-educated workforce and the most liveable cities, Alberta continues to be one of the best places in North America to invest.

    We are attracting job-creating private-sector investment from across Canada and around the world to make Alberta’s economy the most diversified in North America by:

    • Doubling down on Alberta’s role in a responsible, global energy future by diversifying our energy sector and growing our clean hydrogen production to meet national and international demand.
    • Offering one of the most competitive corporate income tax rates in North America after reducing it to 8%.
    • Creating an environment where businesses in the rapidly-growing technology sector can flourish by:
      • implementing the recommendations of the Innovation Capital Working Group
      • launching the Innovation Employment Grant to incent growth and attract new business to Alberta
      • providing more than $30 million to our post-secondary institutions to support leading edge research in quantum computing, artificial intelligence and energy efficiency
      • working to develop a technology and innovation strategy
      • recapitalizing the Alberta Enterprise Corporation with a $175-million investment to support our technology companies and provide access to capital for early-stage companies
    • Growing Alberta’s cultural industries by 25% to $1.5 billion in the next decade by:
      • removing the $10 million per project cap on our Film and Television Tax Credit program
      • strengthening the screen-based sector at the grass-roots level with grants for smaller and independent productions
    • Building Alberta’s aerospace and defense sector, which already employs more than 10,000 Albertans and contributed $1.8 billion to our GDP in 2017, by seeking partnerships, exploring regulatory changes and working with post-secondary institutions and private sector investors.
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    • Innovation Employment Grant offers small and medium-sized businesses a grant of up to 20% toward qualifying research and development expenditures.
    • Research Capacity Program offers post-secondary institutions and researchers grants to acquire small equipment and large research infrastructure.
    • Alberta Innovates provides access to programs, funding, business supports and research facilities to accelerate entrepreneurship and technology-based innovation across the province.
    • Film and Television Tax Credit offers a refundable Alberta tax credit certificate on eligible Alberta production and labour costs to corporations that produce films, television series and other eligible screen-based productions in the province.
    • Alberta Media Fund offers a variety of grants to help support the growth, sustainability, competitiveness and business attraction of our province’s cultural industries.
  • Why diversify

    Diversification means businesses, jobs, exports and investment are spread out across a wide range of sectors – from oil and gas to arts and culture. A diverse economy is more stable during financial uncertainties, because while one sector may be experiencing financial ups and downs, others may still be stable. Thriving economic sectors mean Albertans can find a wide variety of jobs to suit their abilities.

    What does this look like for Alberta?

    Alberta’s economy is steadily becoming more diversified. Over the past 15 years, the oil and gas sector's share of Alberta's GDP has dropped from over 30% to 19%, while other sectors have increased. Over the next 4 years, we expect investment in non-energy sectors to account for about half of total business investment in the province.

    Our actions are helping to grow the economy and create jobs in all sectors, including technology and innovation, finance, fintech, hydrogen, and film and television production. The Job Creation Tax Cut gives Alberta one of the most competitive corporate income tax rates in North America. Our efforts to reduce unnecessary red tape and modernize Alberta’s regulations have made it easier for businesses to set up and operate here.

    Through initiatives like these, Alberta’s economy is well positioned to become even more diversified in the future. The province’s strong fundamentals – including a competitive tax system and a highly-educated workforce – support broad-based growth and investment in many sectors.

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Affordability Action Plan

Taking quick, effective action to cut costs and deliver relief to help families, businesses and vulnerable Albertans.

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Recovery in action

Programs to help Albertans get back to work and grow our economy.

Expands accessible, affordable and high-quality child care to give Alberta families the choice they need.
The Alberta 2030 initiative will transform the adult learning system to focus on providing the high quality education, skills and training needed for Alberta’s future.
Companies can receive a grant of up to 20% toward qualifying research and development expenditures.
Investing to connect Albertans and grow the economy.
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    Alberta's Recovery Plan

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