Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction System

Alberta’s approach to reducing emissions from large industrial emitters and keeping industry competitive.


Bill 19, the Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction Implementation Act, paved the way for the TIER system, which came into effect on January 1, 2020. TIER is an improved system to help industrial facilities find innovative ways to reduce emissions and invest in clean technology to stay competitive and save money.

TIER is a unique solution that allows the province to reduce emissions without interference from Ottawa. TIER also builds on Alberta’s 20-year record of taking action to manage emissions.


Government engaged with stakeholders and Albertans in Summer 2020 on the TIER system, ensuring it was designed to meet the needs of Alberta’s environment and economy. Continued discussions with stakeholders led to July 2020 amendments to the regulation that will make the regulatory process more cost-effective and put Alberta’s industries on a level playing field with their peers without affecting emissions reductions.