The governments of Canada and Alberta are working together to make long-term infrastructure investments that will build inclusive and prosperous communities, as well as support a low carbon, green economy – leading to a higher quality of life for all Canadians.

Through the federal government's Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP), Alberta is receiving $3.66 billion over 10 years (2018-28). These projects will be cost-shared with the Alberta government, municipalities and other partners.

Program update – December 2022

As Alberta’s ICIP funding has been fully allocated, we are no longer accepting Expressions of Interest, including the ICIP COVID-19 Resilience funding stream.

To date, ICIP funding has approved 88 projects in over 30 Alberta constituencies under these 4 streams:

  • Green Infrastructure
  • Community, Culture, and Recreation
  • Rural and Northern Communities
  • Public Transit

See the list of Announced Federally Approved Projects (PDF, 564 KB).

In August 2020, the federal government announced the new COVID-19 Resilience funding stream. This stream did not provide new money to provinces. Instead, it gave provinces a better cost sharing agreement with the federal government and offered more flexibility as to how provinces could use their remaining ICIP funds.

The COVID-19 stream targeted a broad range of projects that could be actioned and completed quickly to support employment and economic activity to help offset challenges brought on by the pandemic.

We chose to use this stream for shovel-ready capital maintenance and renewal projects to improve health and seniors care facilities, and other publicly owned infrastructure. This investment supports Alberta’s Recovery Plan to build, diversify and create tens of thousands of jobs in our province.

Together the Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta have announced approval for 113 projects and project bundles through the COVID-19 stream:

In April 2021, the federal government announced additional funding of $150 million to the COVID-19 stream for air quality and ventilation projects that help reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

We allocated our portion of federal funding, which is about $11 million, to support improvements in provincial infrastructure. There will be no intake for organizations to apply for this funding.

Funding streams

Applications for Community, Culture and Recreation, Green Infrastructure, and Rural and Northern Communities Infrastructure are now closed. Eligible organizations were able to apply for funding under the following streams.

Eligible municipalities can apply for funding to improve and expand existing public transit systems.
Eligible organizations were able to apply for funding for projects that protect the environment and support Canada's transition to a clean economy.
Eligible organizations were able to apply for funding for projects that improve infrastructure in small, rural and remote communities.
Eligible organizations were able to apply for funding for projects that build stronger communities and improve social inclusion.


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