The Government of Alberta recognizes that parents have the right to choose a private school for their children and has provided financial support for private schools since 1967. There are over 250 private schools and private Early Childhood Service (ECS) providers in Alberta.

What kinds of private schools are there in Alberta?

The School Act, Section 28, authorizes two kinds of private schools to operate in Alberta: registered private schools and accredited private schools.

Registered Private Schools

Registered private schools, defined under Section 28(1) of the School Act, meet the requirements outlined in the Private Schools Regulation. Registered private schools are not eligible for Alberta Education funding

Accredited Private Schools

Accredited private schools, defined under Section 28(2) of the School Act, must continue to meet the requirements of a registered private school. All accredited private schools must meet additional requirements as stated in the School Act and the Private Schools Regulation.

Accredited private schools may apply for a grant pursuant to the Minister’s authority to make grants under the Government Organization Act and the Education Grants Regulation. To be eligible for funding, accredited schools must meet additional requirements in the Private Schools Regulation, and operate for one year. Refer to the most recent Funding Manual for School Authorities for details on applicable funding rates.

Designated Special Education Private Schools (DSEPS) are accredited, funding private schools that have been given special approval and funding by the Minister, where the sole purpose of the school is to serve students who are identified with a mild, moderate or severe disability..

Heritage Language Schools are a type of accredited private school that offers approved or authorized language and culture courses outside regular school hours to students who receive their basic education program at another school authority. A heritage language school may be funded or non‑funded. If funded, a person who holds an Alberta teaching certificate must be designated as the principal.

Private K to 12 schools

Curriculum and programming

Children with Special Needs (PDF, 98 KB)

Early Childhood Programming (PDF, 99 KB)

English as a Second Language (PDF, 95 KB)

Community-based Programming (PDF, 42 KB)

Family Oriented Programming (PDF, 80 KB)

Alberta’s Early Learning and Care Framework

Kindergarten Curriculum Overview (PDF, 124 KB)


School Act

Association of Independent Schools and Colleges in Alberta (AISCA)

Certification of Teachers Regulation

Early Childhood Services Regulation

Student Record Regulation

School Transportation Regulation


Accredited funded private schools funding


Monitoring involves on-site visits and a review of mandatory requirements as outlined in applicable legislation and regulations, including programming, to assure alignment with regulations governing private schools and private ECS operators.

Accredited funded private schools are monitored on a regular and cycled basis by Field Services Managers. Private ECS Operators are monitored on a regular basis by the School Accreditation, Standards and Print Services Branch.

More information

Private schools (PDF, 109 KB)

Forming a private school


Fact Sheet: Establishing a Private School (PDF, 80 KB)

Fact Sheet: Key Due Dates (PDF, 152 KB)

Requirements for Special Education (PDF, 183 KB)


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