Shared Responsibility Program

Learn about shared responsibility program for Grades 1 to 12 in Alberta.


A parent providing a home education program and an Alberta funded school authority may agree to share responsibility for the student’s education. The following conditions must be met for this to occur:

  • An Alberta certificated teacher, employed by a school authority, performs the following duties while delivering selected courses that follow the Alberta programs of study:
    • planning
    • selecting resources
    • assessment
    • evaluating student progress
  • A parent creates a program under the authority of the Education Act and the Home Education Regulation. The parent is responsible for developing, administering and managing the home education program as outlined in parental responsibilities under home education.

In a Shared Responsibility Program, the school authority is responsible for a minimum of 20% to a maximum of 80% of the student's program in Grades 1 to 12. Below this range, students should be enrolled as home education students. Above this range, students should be enrolled as a regular or online student with the school authority responsible for 100% of the program.

In order to receive funding for shared responsibility, a student must be registered in a shared responsibility program as of September 30.

Students are not eligible for funding if they register for a shared responsibility program after September 30. This includes situations where a student changes from an online or regular program to shared responsibility after September 30.

School authorities are not permitted to provide funding to students or families if the student is enrolled in an online or regular school program.

School boards and accredited funded private schools are not required to offer shared responsibility programs.


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