Public charter schools

Learn about Alberta’s K to 12 public charter schools and find resources to help choose, establish or administer a public charter school.


Public charter schools are autonomous non-profit public schools that:

  • provide basic education in a different or enhanced way
  • follow Alberta's programs of study (curriculum)
  • have a focus not already offered by the board of the school authority in which the public charter school is located – this could include unique:
    • learning styles
    • teaching styles
    • approaches
    • philosophies
    • pedagogies
    • vocation-based education
  • have the potential to improve student learning outcomes
  • demonstrate collaboration or engagement with a post-secondary institution or a school division
  • have the potential to improve the education system as a whole and enhance education research and innovation

As part of Budget 2022, the government announced $25 million in operating funding and $47 million in capital investment over the next 3 years to support public charter school expansions and collegiate programs in the education system.

News: Budget 2022: Investing in school choice (March 15, 2022)

Most school authorities with charters are currently in major centres. However, public charter schools can be established anywhere in the province if they meet criteria.

Find a list of Alberta charter schools.

Public charter schools handbook

The Public Charter Schools Handbook includes information to help:

  • parents learn more about public charter schools
  • charter organizers plan and establish a public charter school
  • current public charter schools with operations

Additional resources

Establish a public charter school

If you would like further information on establishing a public charter school, wish to obtain an application form to create a new public charter school or require support completing the application, email: [email protected]


Connect with Alberta Education to request general information on public charter schools:

Phone: 780-427-6272
Toll free: 310-0000 before the phone number (in Alberta)