Job application resources

Tips and guides on what to do before, during and after you apply for a job.

Before you apply

  • Registering for job alerts

    If you are interested in receiving emails alerting you to new job postings, you can use the ‘Create Alert’ option. To set up the alert:

    • Select ‘Apply Now’ on the jobs board website.
    • Enter in a keyword and/or location (addition search criteria available under More Options) for your job alert and click Search Jobs.
    • Set the number of days you would like the job alert to be sent.
    • Select the ‘Create Alert’ button.
    • Sign in with your existing profile information or select ‘Create an account.’ Once you are signed into your account the job alert will be saved.

    You can view/edit job alerts by logging into your account and selecting Job Alerts under the Options menu. You can also create additional job alerts.

    To receive general job notifications, select the Notification checkbox to receive new job posting.

  • Checking your eligibility

    To begin or continue working for the Government of Alberta, you must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or have a valid work permit issued by the Government of Canada.

    Information and resources on eligibility to work in Canada and Alberta include:

  • Getting your international credential assessed

    If you have educational credentials from outside of Canada, you can get your credentials assessed through the International Qualifications Assessment Service. You can include the assessment certificate as part of your application.

  • Other tips before you apply

    • Carefully read through the job posting to get a good understanding of what the job is about and the qualifications needed. You can tailor your application to match those needs.
      • Evaluate the job posting: does the work and what the job offers interest you?
      • Review the qualifications carefully – education, knowledge, abilities, experience and other relevant attributes (competencies). Can you demonstrate the qualifications required for the job?
    • Familiarize yourself with the Alberta Public Service Competency Model.
    • The Competency Self-Assessment Questionnaire is a good resource to help you identify examples of where you’ve demonstrated a competency through your past employment or other experiences.
    • Ensure your application demonstrates evidence of the required qualifications.
    • Application information can include a cover letter, resume, and other requested information, such as answering online questions.


  • Compare your qualifications using the Career Research tool

How to apply

  • Creating your Candidate Profile

    You need to create a Candidate Profile in order to apply online.

    Government of Alberta employees access and apply for jobs from the Career tile in 1GX.

    If you need help, contact Talent Acquisition Services at [email protected].

  • Accessing the jobs board

  • Tips for writing a cover letter and resume

    • Be honest, accurate, and concise.
    • Tailor your cover letter and resume to the job posting. The cover letter supports the information in your resume and should summarize the relevant information to showcase how you meet the required qualifications.
      • The ideal cover letter is 1 page, with 3 to 4 paragraphs of text.
      • The ideal resume is 2 to 3 pages.
    • Provide information in your cover letter that is not included in your resume, such as interview availability, employment history gaps, etc.
    • Ensure your cover letter includes any specific information that may have been requested in the job posting and remember to include the competition you’re applying on (including the job ID#) and your contact information.
    • Your cover letter should include examples of how you have demonstrated a competency OR descriptions of key accomplishments you are most proud of.
      • Accomplishment statements that outline your results, achievements and successes are an important component of your application – showing not only what you’ve done (job duties) but also how well you have done them.
    • Ensure your resume includes any criteria in the job posting that are identified as preferred, assets or equivalent qualifications, providing you have them.
    • List your most recent work experience or education first in your resume, and the remainder in descending date order (month and year). Describe your key duties and demonstrated qualifications/competencies.
      • This format allows you to best demonstrate that you meet the minimum education and experience requirements and how you’ve demonstrated the knowledge, abilities and other relevant attributes (competencies) identified in the job posting.

    For more tips on writing a cover letter and resume, and how you can describe your qualifications, see Applying and Interviewing on Alberta Government Jobs: Tips and Resources.


During recruitment

  • Updating your application information

    If you need to update your application information:

    1. Select ‘Login/My Profile’ on the jobs board website.
    2. Select ‘Jobs Applied’ and select the application that was used to apply on the job posting and update the information and/or documents. You can make updates to your application until the job requisition closing date.
    3. A notification will be sent to Talent Acquisition Services.

    If you are unable to update your application you will need to contact Talent Acquisition Services at [email protected]. Reference the job posting to provide them with the updated information.

  • Checking the status of your application

    To check the status of your applications:

    1. Select ‘Login/MyProfile’ on the jobs board website.
    2. Select ‘Jobs Applied’ and you will see all the positions you applied on and the status of each one.

    If you have questions regarding a competition, contact the PSC Talent Acquisition Services at [email protected].

  • Withdrawing your job application

    1. Select ‘Login/My Profile’ on the jobs board website.
    2. Select ‘Jobs Applied’ in the top left corner on your Candidate Profile page.
    3. Select the job application you wish to withdraw from.
    4. Click on the withdraw application button in the bottom right corner.

    To view and apply for current postings with the Government of Alberta.

  • Deleting your candidate profile

    To delete your Candidate Profile or your application information:

    1. Log in to your Candidate Profile
    2. Select the delete profile option that appears in the top right corner.
    3. After a period of inactivity, your information will be deleted automatically from the system.

    Deleting your profile will withdraw you from any job applications you have.

Preparing for an interview

  • Interviews are normally conducted by a selection panel of 2 to 3 people, which typically includes a human resource professional, the supervisor of the position, and an employee with expertise in the field you are applying in.
  • Candidates are asked to provide specific examples of how they’ve demonstrated the required qualifications and competencies.
  • If you are chosen for an interview:
    • review the Sample Interview Questions for examples of competency-based interview questions
    • review the job posting and, if applicable, the position profile
    • anticipate questions you may be asked and prepare responses based on examples from your past experience
    • Prepare examples of accomplishments using the STAR storytelling technique (situation, task, action, results) to help clearly articulate how you’ve demonstrated the required qualifications and competencies.
    • research the ministry and other relevant information including our vision and values
    • It is important to understand as much as possible about the organization and the job to help you determine compatibility and to showcase your qualifications.
    • bring a list of job related references with you to the interview


After the position has been filled

Requesting feedback

Feedback on your application or your performance during the interview/assessment process can help you better prepare for future job competitions with the Alberta Public Service.

  • To request feedback, you can contact the Human Resources contact referenced in the job posting. You can also contact Talent Acquisition Services at [email protected] and ask to speak to the person handling the job posting you applied on.
  • The feedback you receive will be based on the qualifications – education, knowledge, abilities, experience and other relevant attributes (competencies) – required for successful performance in the role and the overall assessment of how you demonstrated them.
  • Information about other candidates will not be shared. Their information is confidential and protected under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act.


You can contact us for:

  • technical assistance
  • questions about jobs with the Alberta Public Service
  • questions about your application

Email: [email protected]