Recruitment principles

Learn about the steps we take to fill job positions and how we determine suitable applicants.


We strive to make our hiring process as clear and transparent as possible. By outlining each step in the process, we hope potential applicants can gain a better understanding of what we are looking for in our candidates and how to effectively apply for a job with us. We are dedicated to providing an inclusive, diverse, and equitable hiring process for all candidates, and understanding our hiring process is the first step to getting there.

Recruitment principles

The following recruitment principles are in line with the Public Service Act which outlines how we fill positions and select the most suitable applicant, giving preference wherever possible to internal applicants.

  • Recruitment is a partnership

    Managers and human resource professionals work together to identify and address workforce needs, ensuring a fair and inclusive recruitment process that welcomes, respects and values diversity. Human resource professionals provide expert advice, guidance and assistance to hiring managers accountable for selection decisions.

  • Recruitment addresses the current and future needs of the Government of Alberta

    Recruitment is strategic, innovative and flexible. Strategies are aligned with the Government of Alberta's business objectives and workforce plans, considering labour market trends and the economic environment.

  • Recruitment has appropriate balance of access to employment opportunities

    Decisions on the accessibility of recruitment opportunities reflect the need to balance several important objectives including:

    • access to opportunities by employees to encourage them to stay and build their careers within the Alberta Public Service
    • the importance of motivating diverse talent from outside the organization to join the Government of Alberta
  • Recruitment is efficient, effective, fair and inclusive

    • Processes and practices are efficient in time and cost, and effective in selecting the right people for the right roles. Recruitment decisions are impartial and consistent with recruitment legislation, the policy framework and the Collective Agreement. Participants in the recruitment process feel that they have been treated equitably.
  • Recruitment is conducted in accordance with the Alberta Public Service values

    • Processes and practices are conducted with respect, accountability, integrity, and excellence.


The APS conducts its hiring process following these steps.

  • Step 1. Advertise the opportunity

    • The Alberta Public Service advertises job opportunities on its jobs board. Job opportunities are usually posted daily.
    • Jobs may also be advertised in various other ways, including:
      • social media, such as LinkedIn
      • print media
      • jobs-related websites
      • professional associations
      • educational institutions
    • Each job posting will describe:
      • the role
      • required qualifications including education, knowledge, abilities, experience and other relevant attributes (competencies)
        • technical and behavioural competencies are the knowledge, skills, abilities or other relevant attributes predictive of successful job and organizational performance.
        • there may be a statement in the qualifications section indicating that equivalencies will be considered. In that case, related experience and/or education would be considered as alternate equal qualifications.
          • for example, two years of directly related experience can be considered equivalent to a two year diploma in a related field.
    • Job postings may also include a link to a position profile that provides additional information about an advertised job.
    • You can also use the ‘Create Alert’ option to receive emails about job opportunities that may interest you. Learn how to create an alert.

    For information on what to do before you apply, visit the Resources page.

  • Step 2. Accept applications

    • Applications must be received before the deadline specified in each job posting.
    • Online applications are encouraged. If you are unable to apply online, refer to the contact information specified in the job posting for assistance.
    • You must reference the applicable Job Requisition ID number in your application.
    • If you want to apply on more than one job posting, you must submit a separate application for each one.
    • When you apply online, you must:
      • provide a valid email address
      • upload your cover letter, resume and any related documents
    • After you submit your application, you can view the jobs you have applied on and your status in the Jobs applied section of your Candidate Profile. If you require assistance, contact the Human Resources contact identified in the job posting or Talent Acquisition Services at [email protected] to confirm your application has been received.

    For information on how to apply, visit the Resources page.

  • Step 3. Review applications

    • Your application will be reviewed to determine how it aligns with the advertised qualifications.
    • Candidates must meet the minimum education and experience required to be eligible for further consideration.
    • Meeting the minimum education and experience does not automatically mean candidates will proceed further in the selection process.
    • Each job requires unique qualifications that are considered as a whole in determining which applicants most closely match the qualifications required for the role.
    • We often receive applications from many well-qualified candidates competing on one job opportunity.

    For information on what to do after you apply, visit the Resources page.

  • Step 4. Assess top candidates

    • Candidates whose qualifications most closely match the job requirements are invited to participate in job related assessments, such as interviews.
    • If you are identified as a potential candidate for the available position, you will be asked to further demonstrate your qualifications.
    • This typically includes one or more interviews with representatives from the hiring ministry. It can also include other assessment methods such as writing tests and presentations.

    For tips and information on preparing for your interview, visit our Resources page.

  • Step 5. Conduct pre-employment checks

    • The assessment process also includes pre-employment checks.
      • This typically includes reference checks.
      • It can also include criminal record checks and post-secondary academic credential checks.
  • Step 6. Extend a job offer

    • Once all the steps are completed, the most suitable candidate for the position is selected.
    • If you are selected, you will get a job offer from the hiring ministry.
    • Individuals that start working for the Alberta Public Service are required to serve a probationary period.

    Competitions may be used to fill future vacancies. If you want to be considered for a certain type of work, consider applying on all related competitions so that you can be assessed and potentially identified as a qualified candidate that may be considered for future vacancies across the Alberta Public Service.


You can contact us for:

  • technical assistance
  • questions about jobs with the Alberta Public Service
  • questions about your application

Email: [email protected]