Important Notice

You need a MyAlberta Digital ID (MADI) to access the online claims reimbursement (OCR) portal – instead of your SIAMS account. If you do not have a MADI account, please set one up using these instructions (PDF, 276 KB). If you already have a MADI account, please enter your MADI username and password. When asked if you have a SIAMS account, choose YES to transfer your SIAMS account and OCR information. Click “sign in” to proceed.

If you need assistance, contact the MADI help desk at 1-844-643-2789.

Learning resources

Advisory committees

Provincial Parent Advisory Committee (PPAC)

Regional Parent Advisory Committees (RPACs)

  • provide a family perspective on how FSCD legislation supports positive outcomes for families and their children with disabilities
  • invite any parent who is accessing the FSCD program to apply to become a member – contact your FSCD worker for information about your local committee
  • RPAC members have a strong connection with their local PPAC member and the committee

Legislation, policy and guidelines



FSCD offices