Family violence

Help and financial supports for Albertans fleeing domestic or intimate partner violence, and resources for prevention.


Family violence is an abuse of power in a family or other trusting relationship where people rely on each other. It includes domestic violence, intimate partnership violence and child abuse. Help is available to Albertans fleeing abuse. We are here to listen and help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call 911 if someone is in immediate danger. Family violence is a crime.

Awareness campaign: download resources, posters, social media images and video testimonials.

Get help 24/7

Family Violence Info Line (toll free)

Call: 310-1818

Text*: 310-1818

Start online chat

*Standard text message rates may apply.

Next steps

Recognize the signs of family violence and know your rights, including the right to access information about your partner.

Stay safe when living in or leaving an abusive relationship and get financial help with costs to leave.

Individuals and families escaping family violence can get to safety at emergency shelters and temporary housing.

Get supports and financial help for setting up, and get help ending your rent agreement without a penalty.