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Individuals and families can access emergency shelters and temporary housing when facing family violence, domestic violence or homelessness.

Escape family violence

There are 3 types of accommodation you can access when leaving family violence or domestic violence:

  • women’s emergency shelters – a  safe location where women and children can get help and connect with supports
  • women’s second stage housing – short-term, affordable housing with help for women and children to permanently leave and start a new life
  • seniors’ emergency shelters – a temporary place for older adults to stay and get supports

If you need a place for pets to stay when leaving an abusive situation, there are pet safekeeping programs that offer temporary pet care at no charge. Find the nearest program through the Alberta Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

For homelessness

The Government of Alberta provides funding to support agencies to operate two types of homeless shelters, which are accessible to anyone experiencing homelessness.

Emergency shelters are always open, ready to help anyone every day. They provide 24/7 emergency accommodation and a safe place to stay when you do not have a permanent address.

Transitional shelters provide more private, long-term accommodation with supports to help people move to permanent housing and live on their own. These shelters are referral based and often require some financial contribution from tenants.