Part of Family violence

Family violence prevention

Activities and resources to help prevent family violence and domestic violence, and support healthy relationships.


One important way to prevent family violence and domestic violence is raising awareness and promoting community education.

We can all take steps to learn more about it and understand:

  • family violence is an abuse of power in a family or other trusting relationship where people rely on each other
  • anyone can experience family violence
  • when someone experiences family violence, their well-being, security and survival are threatened
  • family violence is a crime and people have legal rights to protection

Every November is Family Violence Prevention Month. It helps us focus on the things we can do to:

  • increase our personal awareness and take action to prevent family violence
  • help ourselves or anyone who is experiencing an abusive relationship
  • encourage others to learn more and take action

We can all play a role in continuing to raise awareness throughout the year.