Alberta is returning to a publicly-run driver examiner road test program by March 2019 to ensure:

  • standardized fees for consumers
  • consistent standards for examiners
  • clear safety expectations for new drivers

Currently, Alberta is the only jurisdiction in Canada with a fully privatized road test problem. The new program addresses several issues such as inconsistent fees, poor service and overall lack of integrity that were identified in a 2016 independent report (PDF, 526 KB).

How it will work

The new program will begin March 2019.

  • Driver examiners will be recruited and trained for all licence classes starting in October 2018.
  • A call centre will be created so issues that arise during testing can be reported immediately through a direct line to Alberta Transportation.
  • An online scheduling system will allow road tests to be scheduled from anywhere.
  • Mobile driver examiners will travel to the communities they're needed most to improve access to road tests across the province.
  • Rural needs will be assessed and road test hours expanded as demand requires.
  • Greater oversight will ensure high standards for conduct and service are set across the province.

More information will be posted here as the new program is implemented.

Road tests can still be booked through Alberta Registry Agents.

Better fees

Inconsistent road test fees across Alberta meant some people paid more for the same service.

Starting in March, standardized road test fees will be the same across the province.

The fees will pay for the new road test program so there's no additional cost to taxpayers.

Table 1: New road test fee structure

Class of road test Current average fee New standardized fee
Class 1 $219 $217
Class 2 $169 $167
Class 3 $157.50 $155.50
Class 4 $143 $141
Class 5 $89.50 $83
Class 5 Advanced $143 $138
Class 6 $145 $143
Class 6 Advanced $145 $143

Become a driver examiner

We're recruiting qualified, trustworthy and professional driver examiners for full-time permanent positions across Alberta.

To apply, visit the Alberta Public Service jobs page and search by the job ID:

  • Driver examiner - Job ID 1051543
  • Senior driver examiner - Job ID 1051542
  • Training standards coordinator - Job ID 1051426

The application deadline is November 1, 2018.

To learn more about the positions, email dplsemploymentinquiries@gov.ab.ca

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Public engagement

We received feedback from more than 3,300 key stakeholders and people on returning the road test program to a government-run model.

Learn more about the engagement