Changes to the driver licensing system

Improvements to the driver licensing system reduce costs and red tape for Albertans while maintaining safety.

Class 1 – Driver licence changes

Effective April 1, 2024

  • Eligible farmers and their immediate family members will have the option to apply for a farm-restricted Class 1 driver’s licence.
    • Upon successful completion of a Class 1 knowledge and road test, vision-screening, and submission of a driver’s medical assessment, the driver will be issued a farm-restricted Class 1 driver’s licence with condition code “P”, indicating they must comply with farmer restrictions. The driver will not be required to complete pre-licensing training.
    • Farm-restricted Class 1 drivers may also be subject to driver’s licence code restriction “N” which means the holder may not operate vehicles or combinations of vehicles which require a Class 2 or 4 driver’s licence unless that person has completed the required knowledge and road tests as well as completed any other conditions of a Class 2 or 4 driver’s licence.
  • The farm-restricted Class 1 driver’s licence will allow Alberta farmers to operate Class 1 vehicles for specified farming activities within Alberta.
  • This change is intended to relieve pressures on Alberta farm families by exempting them from the requirement for training and providing them a farm-restricted Class 1 driver’s licence that allows them to transport their own goods.
  • Farmers and their family members will have to apply for the exemption and demonstrate their eligibility.
    • These drivers will still be required to complete a Class 1 knowledge and road test, vision screening, and submit a driver medical assessment.
  • There will be penalties for drivers found to be misusing their farm-restricted Class 1 driver’s licence, by using it for purposes other than specified farming activities within Alberta.
  • For further information on eligibility, restrictions, and how to apply, see: Farm-Restricted Class 1 Driver’s Licence
  • Farm-Restricted Class 1 Driver's Licence

Effective March 1, 2025

  • The government is making changes to the Class 1 Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) program in favour of a new, made-in-Alberta learning pathway for commercial drivers.
  • The new, made-in-Alberta career pathway is being designed as an apprenticeship-style model to increase driver skills, improve safety, and enhance training for current and prospective Class 1 drivers in Alberta.
  • The apprenticeship-style model will offer a learning pathway for Albertans to develop the skills to succeed and advance in their career as a professional driver.
  • Drivers will proceed through phases while training to become a Class 1 driver.
  • Phases are currently underdevelopment in partnership with industry members. More information about these changes will be announced closer to the implementation date of March 1, 2025.
  • New Made-In Alberta Learning Pathway for Professional Drivers



Questions about these licensing changes can be directed to [email protected].