The Consumer Investigations Unit is warning Albertans about a website representing itself as a driving test scheduler, operating in Alberta. Exercise caution, conduct research and verify the legitimacy of a website before disclosing any personal information online.


Starting on January 5, 2021, passenger vehicle road tests (Class 4-6) will be delivered by private driver examiners through Alberta registry agents.

To book a passenger vehicle road test (Class 4-6) appointment, use the map below to find a registry office near you that is offering road testing services. Once you’ve found a registry, follow the link to that registry’s online booking website.

For commercial vehicle road tests

Commercial vehicle road tests (Class 1-3) are delivered by Alberta Transportation.

Book a test

Registry map

Only registries that have decided to offer road tests will be shown on this map. The map will be updated regularly when new registry offices decide to offer road testing.

This map has several ways to find a registry that offers passenger vehicle road tests:

  • Use the zoom buttons on the map tab to zoom in to your area of the province.
  • The “list view” tab will show an alphabetical list of registries.
  • Click on “filter” to show a dropdown menu where you can choose a city/town, as well as a keyword search box where you can search for the name of a registry. Click “apply” to filter the list. Also click “apply” after clearing your filters to return to the full list.
  • If you have applied filters, the list view and the map will only show registries matching those filters.

Each registry has a pin on the map. Click on the pin to show details for that registry, including a link to that registry booking website.

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