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Find forms and templates for design and construction consultants.

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Owned infrastructure

Design bid build

Use this template for stipulated sum construction contract administration.

"Bid Document/Drawing Review Checklist" has been relocated to Guidelines and standards – Owned and supported infrastructure under the heading "Documentation".

Document numberDocument nameLast revision date
 Consultant Forms Instructions2023-09-26
01 26 00-01Supplemental Instruction Template2024-01-05
CO ProcessChange Orders and Charge Orders Process2024-01-15
01 26 63-01Change Order Worksheet2023-04-21
01 26 63-02Change Order Request for Proposal2023-09-26
01 26 63-03Change Order2023-02-22
01 26 63-04Charge Order Request for Proposal2023-04-21
01 26 63-05Cash Allowance Charge Order2023-02-22
01 26 63-08Field Order2024-02-16

Construction management

Use this template for construction management construction contract administration.

Document numberDocument nameLast revision date
 Change Process Flowchart2024-01-15
01 26 63.01Change Request Template2023-02-22
 Change Document Reason Code List2023-09-26
01 26 63.02Contemplated Change Notice Template2020-11-30
01 26 63.03Change Authorization Template2023-02-22
01 26 63.04Change Directive Template2023-03-21
 Cash Allowance Process Flowchart2023-09-26
01 26 63.06Cash Allowance Request for Quotation Template2020-11-30
01 26 63.07Cash Allowance Authorization Template2023-09-26
 Change Directive Process Flowchart2023-09-26

Design build (DB)

Use for this template for design build construction contract administration.

Consultancy services

Less than $75,000

Document numberDocument nameLast revision date
02_SFI RFP_TC_NEWRevised Short Form Invitational RFP Terms and Conditions2022-10-31
03_SFI RFP Contract_NEWRevised Short Form Consultant Services Contract2023-12-18

Over $75,000

Document numberDocument nameLast revision date
02_GPRFP_TCConsulting Services RFP Terms and Conditions2022-10-31

Request for Qualifications

Document numberDocument nameLast revision date
02_RFQ_T&C_FinalRFQ Terms and Conditions2022-10-31


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