New Road Test Model to improve access for Albertans

Alberta is launching a new, more efficient road test system to ensure drivers have timely access to tests while keeping Alberta roads safe.

The most in-demand road tests—those to get a licence to drive a passenger vehicle—will be conducted by private driver examiners trained and licensed by the government, starting in early 2021.

Drivers seeking Class 4, 5 or 6 road tests will be able to book passenger vehicle road tests through registry agents or a new online booking system starting Dec. 1, 2020 for appointments starting Jan. 5, 2021. Information about the new booking system will be made available prior Dec. 1, 2020. Existing appointments will be processed through the current system.

Government has strengthened oversight of the system to ensure all road tests are fair and safe, resulting in competent, safe drivers. All Class 1, 2 and 3 commercial, truck and bus driver road tests will continue to be conducted by government examiners to ensure drivers are meeting the higher standards set by the new Mandatory Entry-Level Training program.

Road test bookings will remain unchanged until the new system rolls out on Dec. 1. Please review the details below or go to the following site for booking information:

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A Class 7 learner’s licence allows you to drive:

  • a moped by yourself
  • a Class 5 or Class 6 vehicle with someone over 18 who has a full Class 5 driver’s licence


A Class 7 learner’s licence allows you to drive a Class 5 or 6 vehicle with someone over 18 who has a full Class 5 driver’s licence or higher. They must sit in the front passenger seat. This licence also allows you to drive a moped.


  • You cannot drive during the hours between 12:00am and 5:00am
  • You must have 0% alcohol levels when driving at all times
  • You cannot drive with more people than there are seat belts in your vehicle
  • You are allowed 8 demerit points before receiving a suspension of your licence

How to get a Class 7 learner's licence

Step 1. Study and try practice exams

Download a copy of the Driver’s Guide.

You can try practice tests online to see what kinds of questions will be asked on the knowledge test.

Step 2. Take a knowledge test

Go to a registry agent and take a knowledge test. You will need to pay a fee to take the test. You can take the test once a day.

You will need to bring acceptable ID.

Step 3. Purchase your licence card

A registry agent will test your vision to see if your vision is good enough to drive.

If you successfully pass the knowledge test and vision test, you will be able to purchase a Class 7 learner’s licence card.

You will be given a temporary licence that’s valid for 30 days or until your licence card comes in the mail.

Your licence card should arrive in 21 business days. If it hasn’t arrived in 21 days, call the number on the back of your temporary licence and you’ll be given instructions on what to do. Report the missing licence to a registry agent within 60 days of applying, or you may be charged for a replacement.

When you get your licence card, you’ll have to destroy the temporary licence.


Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)
Phone: 780-427-4088 (Edmonton and area)
Toll free: 1-877-427-4088 (Other areas in Alberta)
Email: [email protected]