To drive a motorcycle, you must hold a Class 6 licence.

A Class 6 licence also allows you to drive all Class 5 motor vehicles as a learner.


You must be at least 16-years old and have at minimum a Class 7 learner’s licence for a year.

If you already have a full Class 5 driver’s licence, you’ll need to take a Class 6 knowledge and road test.

If you don’t have a Class 5 or Class 7 licence, you’ll need to complete all the requirements of Class 7, pass a Class 6 knowledge and road test, and be placed in the GDL program before you can get a full Class 6 licence.

If you have a Class 5 or Class 7 licence, you’ll need to take a Class 6 knowledge and road test.

How to get a Class 6 licence

Step 1. Take a knowledge test

Go to a registry agent and take a knowledge test.

You will need to bring your existing driver’s licence (Class 7 or Class 5) to the registry agent.

Step 2. Take a road test

Schedule a road test through a registry agent.

You’ll need to bring your own motorcycle or moped for testing.

The cost of the road test is set by the registry agent, and can vary by location.

Step 3. Purchase your licence card

Once you pass the knowledge and road test you will be able to purchase a Class 6 licence card.

You will be given a temporary licence that’s valid for 30 days or until your licence card comes in the mail.

Your licence card should arrive within 21 business days. If it hasn’t arrived in 21 days, call the number on the back of your temporary licence and you’ll be given instructions on what to do. Report the missing licence to a registry agent within 60 days of applying, or you may be charged for a replacement.

When you get your licence card, you’ll have to destroy the temporary licence.

Step 4. Upgrade to a full Class 6 licence

You will need to drive for 2 years as a Class 6 GDL driver and have no licence suspensions during the last year to qualify for a full Class 6 licence.

Once the 2 year probationary term is up, you can take a Class 6 advanced road test and upgrade to a full Class 6 licence.

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