Asbestos worker training

Before entering an asbestos restricted area, you must complete government-approved training to get an asbestos worker certificate.

Important to know

Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety Code requires that:


Restricted areas

All workers in Alberta who enter a restricted area due to an asbestos hazard must successfully complete the asbestos worker course and be in possession of a valid worker certificate.

A restricted area is defined as an area of a work site where there is a reasonable chance that the airborne concentration of asbestos, silica, coal dust or lead exceeds or may exceed the occupational exposure limit for one or more of the substances.

Non-restricted areas

Workers working with asbestos in non-restricted areas must be trained in accordance with sections 21 and 37 of the Code. This training doesn’t have to be provided by one of the approved agencies listed below.

Certification term

Asbestos worker cards expire 3 years from the date of issue.

Course description

Government-approved agencies provide asbestos worker training and issue asbestos worker cards. These agencies offer various courses on OHS safety for the asbestos worker. Each course must have the required health and safety content as described in the Occupational Health and Safety Training for Asbestos Workers Course Guidelines.

Workers are encouraged to discuss each course offered by the agency, and to ask about the length, price, hours of instruction, and materials each trainee will receive.

How agencies become accredited

Employers wishing to be an approved training agency must apply in writing. Application instructions are included in Occupational Health and Safety Training for Asbestos Workers Course Guidelines.

Agency login for Asbestos Worker Course Exam

Online access to the Asbestos Worker Course Exam – for accredited training agencies only.

Take Asbestos Worker Course Exam

Approved training agencies

List of approved asbestos training agencies


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