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Biographies of the members of the Alberta Order of Excellence have been reproduced from the programs used in the year each member was invested into the Alberta Order of Excellence.

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212 results
Inducted: 2009
Inducted: 2017
Inducted: 2020
Inducted: 2018
Inducted: 2000
Inducted: 1987
Inducted: 2009
Inducted: 2015
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212 results

Shirzad Ahmed (Inducted: 2009)

J. Stephens Allan (Inducted: 2017)

JudyLynn Archer (Inducted: 2020)

Dr. Steven Kyaw Htut Aung (Inducted: 2002)

Dr. Thomas Benjamin Banks (Inducted: 1993)

R.C. (Reg) Basken (Inducted: 2018)

Jenny Belzberg (Inducted: 2000)

Dr. C. Fred Bentley (Inducted: 1987)

Henry J. Bergen (Inducted: 2009)

Maureen Bianchini Purvis (Inducted: 2022)

David Bissett (Inducted: 2015)

Rosella Bjornson (Inducted: 2018)

Patricia Blocksom (Inducted: 2011)

Jim Boucher (Inducted: 2020)

William H. Bowes (Inducted: 2009)

Gary W. Bowie (Inducted: 2017)

Robert Brawn (Inducted: 2022)

Evelyn L. Buckley (Inducted: 2007)

Chief Victor S. Buffalo (Inducted: 2007)

Barry Bultz (Inducted: 2016)

Dr. Robert E. Burrell (Inducted: 2019)

Dr. John Carter Callaghan (Inducted: 1986)

Elizabeth Cannon (Inducted: 2022)

Sharon Dawn Carry (Inducted: 2014)

James Carter (Inducted: 2023)

Tony Cashman (Inducted: 2014)

Robert W. Chapman Sr. (Inducted: 2005)

Eleanor Chiu (Inducted: 2022)

Wayne Chiu (Inducted: 2018)

Dr. Robert Bertram Church (Inducted: 1993)

The Right Honourable Charles Joseph Clark (Inducted: 1983)

Dr. William A. Cochrane (Inducted: 2006)

Martin Cohos (Inducted: 2011)

Dr. Chester R. Cunningham (Inducted: 2000)

Dr. Philip John Currie (Inducted: 2010)

Louis Armand Desrochers (Inducted: 2001)

Jack C. Donald (Inducted: 2015)

Joan Donald (Inducted: 2021)

Clare Drake (Inducted: 2008)

Bonnie D. DuPont (Inducted: 2019)

The Honourable Lois E. Hole (Chancellor from 2000-2005)

Douglas Eaglesham (Inducted: 2013)

Janice Eisenhauer (Inducted: 2015)

Dennis M. Erker (Inducted: 2015)

Colonel (Retired) Donald Stewart Ethell (Inducted: 2001)

Anne Fanning Binder (Inducted: 2017)

Charlie Fischer (Inducted: 2020)

F. Morris Flewwelling (Inducted: 2014)

Cheryl Foggo (Inducted: 2022)

Max Foran (Inducted: 2023)

Bertha (Berdie) Fowler  (Inducted: 2006)

Fil Fraser (Inducted: 2015)

Art Froehlich (Inducted: 2022)

Donald Ross Getty (Inducted: 1999)

Roger Gibbins (Inducted: 2013)

Dr. Howard V. Gimbel (Inducted: 1992)

Colin Glassco (Inducted: 2014)

Marie L. Gordon (Inducted: 2017)

Douglas O. Goss (Inducted: 2013)

George W. Govier (Inducted: 2013)

Stan G.P. Grad (Inducted: 2015)

James Kenneth Gray (Inducted: 2002)

Dr. James H. Gray (Inducted: 1987)

Julia Hamilton (Inducted: 2014)

Leonard Kane Haney (Inducted: 1986)

Dr. Gerald Warren Hankins (Inducted: 2005)

Herbert Thomas Hargrave (Inducted: 1986)

Dr. Frances Harley (Inducted: 2020)

The Right Honourable Stephen J. Harper (Inducted: 2023)

Richard F. Haskayne (Inducted: 2006)

Dr. Helen Hays (Inducted: 2008)

Sister Helen Hengel (Inducted: 2009)

Dr. Margaret (Marmie) Perkins Hess (Inducted: 2005)

Robert Hironaka (Inducted: 2012)

Bruce W. Hogle (Inducted: 2011)

Harry Hole (Inducted: 2006)

Rev. James L. Holland (Inducted: 2017)

James Deverell Horsman (Inducted: 2006)

Harley Norman Hotchkiss (Inducted: 1998)

Steve E. Hrudey (Inducted: 2017)

Linda Hughes (Inducted: 2016)

The Honourable Helen Hunley (Chancellor from 1985-1991)

Dr. Helen Isabel Huston (Inducted: 1994)

Dr. Mary Percy Jackson (Inducted: 1983)

Roger C. Jackson (Inducted: 2012)

Alex Janvier (Inducted: 2010)

Dr. Arthur T. Jenkyns (Inducted: 1988)

Dr. Walter Hugh Johns (Inducted: 1982)

Dr. Alexander Johnston (Inducted: 1984)

Elsie Kawulych (Inducted: 2005)

Dr. Cyril Kay (Inducted: 2021)

Sheldon Kennedy (Inducted: 2016)

Irving Kipnes (Inducted: 2012)

Ralph Philip Klein (Inducted: 2010)

The Honourable Norman L. Kwong (Chancellor from 2005-2010)

Her Honour, the Honourable Salma Lakhani (Inducted: 2020)

k.d. lang (Inducted: 2018)

Lt. General Donald C. Laubman (Inducted: 2007)

Dr. David S. R. Leighton (Inducted: 1985)

Dr. Raymond Lemieux (Inducted: 1990)

David W. Leonard (Inducted: 2007)

Alvin Gerald Libin (Inducted: 2004)

Hon. Samuel Sereth Lieberman (Inducted: 2006)

Leroy Little Bear (Inducted: 2016)

Wilton Littlechild (Inducted: 2014)

Griffin Lloyd (Inducted: 2012)

June Louise Lore (Inducted: 1998)

The Honourable Peter Lougheed (Inducted: 1989)

Joe Lukacs (Inducted: 2023)

The Honourable Frank Lynch-Staunton (Chancellor from 1980-1985)

Ian Malcolm Macdonald (Inducted: 1997)

The Honourable Dr. J. W. Grant MacEwan (Inducted: 1982)

Sandy Auld Mactaggart (Inducted: 1998)

John Mah (Inducted: 2020)

Vivian Manasc (Inducted: 2017)

Ernest Preston Manning (Inducted: 2012)

Senator The Honourable Ernest Charles Manning (Inducted: 1981)

HCol (Ret’d) Frederick P. Mannix (Inducted: 2014)

Ronald Neil Mannix (Inducted: 2005)

David Manz (Inducted: 2018)

Allan P. Markin (Inducted: 2008)

James A. Marshall (Inducted: 2013)

The Honourable Ronald Martland (Inducted: 1984)

Jacob H. Masliyah (Inducted: 2015)

Michael Massey (Inducted: 2016)

Donald F. Mazankowski (Inducted: 2003)

Father Charles Michael McCaffery (Inducted: 2005)

M. Ann McCaig (Inducted: 2004)

Murray McCann (Inducted: 2021)

Bernadette McDonald (Inducted: 2009)

Audrey McFarlane (Inducted: 2023)

Hon. A. Anne McLellan (Inducted: 2013)

Gary William (Wilcox) McPherson (Inducted: 2007)

Janice McTighe (Inducted: 2010)

Louise Annette Miller (Inducted: 2010)

Dr. Stanley A. Milner (Inducted: 1995)

The Honourable Lois E. Mitchell (Chancellor from 2015-2020)

Douglas H. Mitchell (Inducted: 2007)

William J. Mooney (Inducted: 2010)

Dr. Norbert R. Morgenstern (Inducted: 1991)

Audrey Attril Morrice (Inducted: 2003)

Reinhard Mühlenfeld (Inducted: 2014)

John Murrell (Inducted: 2002)

Reza Nasseri (Inducted: 2010)

Eric Patrick Newell (Inducted: 2004)

Patrick R. Nixon (Inducted: 2007)

Katie Ohe (Inducted: 2019)

Dr. Barb Olson (Inducted: 2021)

The Honourable H.A. "Bud" Olson (Chancellor from 1996-2000)

Dr. Merle Olson (Inducted: 2021)

Dr. A. Ernest Pallister (Inducted: 1996)

James Simpson Palmer (Inducted: 2003)

Frits Pannekoek (Inducted: 2015)

Walter Paszkowski (Inducted: 2011)

Paulette Patterson (Inducted: 2016)

Shirley Penner (Inducted: 2016)

Bryan Perkins (Inducted: 2004)

Holger Petersen (Inducted: 2020)

John Poole (Inducted: 2004)

Barbara Poole (Inducted: 2004)

Dr. Greg Powell (Inducted: 2021)

Eric Rajah (Inducted: 2011)

Dr. Raymond V. Rajotte (Inducted: 2006)

Leonard Peter Ratzlaff (Inducted: 2003)

Stanley George Reynolds (Inducted: 1999)

Dr. G. Richard A. Rice (Inducted: 1985)

Dr. Esther Robins (Inducted: 1986)

Solomon J. Rolingher (Inducted: 2018)

Dr. Chester A. Ronning (Inducted: 1983)

Catherine M. Roozen (Inducted: 2013)

Ron Sakamoto (Inducted: 2019)

Kenneth Sauer (Inducted: 2009)

Dr. David W. Schindler (Inducted: 2008)

Beckie Scott (Inducted: 2019)

Daryl K. (Doc) Seaman (Inducted: 2008)

JR Shaw (Inducted: 2008)

Lena Heavy Shields-Russell (Inducted: 2021)

Dr. Joseph H. Shoctor (Inducted: 1990)

Malcolm S. Sissons (Inducted: 2019)

Arthur Ryan Smith (Inducted: 1997)

Dr. John Snow (Inducted: 1996)

Ron Southern (Inducted: 2012)

Margaret E. Southern (Inducted: 1988)

Dr. Matthew Warren Spence (Inducted: 2006)

Dr. Donald Russell Stanley (Inducted: 1998)

Robert D. Steadward (Inducted: 2010)

Ed Stelmach (Inducted: 2020)

Dr. Winnifred M. Stewart (Inducted: 1985)

Dr. Shirley M. Stinson (Inducted: 1999)

Barrie Strafford (Inducted: 2009)

Cam Tait (Inducted: 2022)

Honourable Claudette Tardif (Inducted: 2023)

Stella Thompson (Inducted: 2023)

The Honourable Gordon Towers (Chancellor from 1991-1996)

Dr. D. Lorne J. Tyrrell (Inducted: 2000)

Ian Tyson (Inducted: 2006)

Aritha van Herk (Inducted: 2011)

Cor Van Raay (Inducted: 2021)

Muriel Stanley Venne (Inducted: 2019)

Allan Wachowich (Inducted: 2018)

Thomas J. Walsh (Inducted: 2008)

Dr. Maxwell William Ward (Inducted: 1989)

James Angus Watt (Inducted: 2023)

David P. Werklund (Inducted: 2017)

Robert. C. Westbury (Inducted: 2012)

William H. Wilson (Inducted: 2013)

Dr. Francis G. Winspear (Inducted: 1995)

Frances E. Wright (Inducted: 2019)

Harold (Hal) Wyatt (Inducted: 2009)

Ralph Young (Inducted: 2018)

Bill Yuill (Inducted: 2016)

Sister Rosaleen Zdunich (Inducted: 2012)