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Leonard Kane Haney

Inducted: 1986

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Alberta Order of Excellence member Leonard Haney

Leonard Kane Haney C.M.

Leonard Kane Haney was born August 26, 1915 in Picture Butte. Graduating from the Olds School of Agriculture in 1937, he embarked on his registered seed production business.

A frequent visitor to the Lethbridge Research Station, Mr. Haney was highly regarded for his major role in the exchange of information between scientists and the agriculture industry, and for his assistance in formulating plant breeding objectives. With the successful conclusion of a breeding program and the release of a new crop variety, he was often instrumental in arranging for multiplication of the seed, either through his own commercial enterprise or by other seed growers.

As a leading member of the Canadian Seed Growers Association, Mr. Haney played a prominent role in publicizing the importance of using seed of high physical and genetic purity in commercial crop production. Canadian pedigreed seed supports a commercial grain production system that is based on integrity, and has given Canada a worldwide reputation as a supplier of high-quality grains

Leonard Haney exemplified this integrity that is now taken for granted in the seed industry. He has encouraged other growers to enhance their proficiency by arranging visits to research institutions for field demonstrations and discussions on plant breeding objectives. His home farm has been host to many visiting foreign delegations, often including world political leaders. In 1985, he went to Russia as a representative on a mission to promote Alberta products and technologies.

In 1969, Mr. Haney was made a Robertson Associate of the Canadian Seed Growers Association, the highest honour any seed grower can achieve, and in 1984, he was presented with the Outstanding Service Award by the Alberta Branch of the Canadian Seed Growers Association. In 1974, he became an Executive Member of the Canadian Seed Growers Association and was National President from 1981 to 1983.

Mr. Haney has been an active member of the community at large, giving of his time and energetic effort in various capacities to Education, Church, Civic and Service organizations. He has served as County Councillor, School Board Chairman as well as Chairman of the Zone 6 School Trustees Association, and has been a member of the Senate and the Board of Governors of the University of Lethbridge.

He received the Distinguished Service Award from the Council on School Administration of the Alberta Teachers Association in 1969 and was named Life Member of the Alberta School Trustees Association in 1970. He was appointed to the Olds College Hall of Fame in 1974 and accorded a Life Membership in the Alumni Association. In 1985, he was named Businessman of the Year by the Picture Butte and District Chamber of Commerce.