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The Alberta Northern Lights Volunteer Recognition Program is honoured to recognize the volunteers listed here – and grateful for the contributions they’ve made in their communities.

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On May 30, she was recognized for organizing 'birthday parties on wheels' to deliver birthday wishes from a distance.

On May 29, they were recognized for delivering meals to self-isolating community members including seniors.

On May 27, she was recognized for sorting food and packing bags and hampers at her local food bank.

On May 25, she was recognized for offering French immersion pre-school classes online.

On May 23, they were recognized for coordinating the grass-roots effort to support members of their community.

On May 22, they were recognized for supporting Albertans living with addiction.

On May 21, he was recognized for spearheading major support initiatives for the deaf community during COVID-19.

On May 20, she was recognized for making and delivering hospital gowns to protect volunteers at two homeless shelters.

On May 19 this dedicated crew of senior volunteers was recognized for keeping the food bank running.

On May 18, they were recognized for delivering hygiene kits and food hampers, and for making protective masks.

On May 16, they were recognized for hosting a series of virtual multicultural potlucks to help people stay connected.

On May 15, he was recognized for his tireless efforts to support local businesses, including the creation of a COVID-19 update website.

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