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The Alberta Northern Lights Volunteer Recognition Program is honoured to recognize the volunteers listed here – and grateful for the contributions they’ve made in their communities.

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On October 12, he was recognized for helping to launch a free meal program for low-income families.

On October 8, they were recognized for supporting marginalized and vulnerable people during COVID-19.

On October 5, they were recognized for making and donating masks to help protect vulnerable youth and frontline workers during COVID-19.

On October 1, she was recognized for matching financial donors to families in need and for distributing food and hygiene kits.

On September 28, they were recognized for making hand sanitizer and distributing it for free to essential service areas during COVID-19.

On September 24, she was recognized for helping to provide free meals during the pandemic through her student-run non-profit organization.

On September 21, they were recognized for developing several initiatives that provided necessities to those in need during COVID-19.

On September 17, he was recognized for volunteering at a homeless shelter and for looking for ways to help those living on the streets.

On September 14, they were recognized for helping members of the Somaliland community, and others, access food and other essentials.

On September 10, several of these volunteers were recognized for providing frontline relief during a massive flood in the midst of COVID-19.

On September 8, he was recognized for helping to deliver groceries to over 200 households in the Filipino community during COVID-19.

On September 3, they were recognized for preparing and delivering bags of books and also crafts and snacks to young families in need.

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