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The Alberta Northern Lights Volunteer Recognition Program is honoured to recognize the volunteers listed here – and grateful for the contributions they’ve made in their communities.

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On July 30, she was recognized for preparing care baskets and delivering them to those in need in her community.

On July 27, they were recognized for offering online programs for youth with teen instructors, and for hosting nation-wide talent shows.

On July 23, she was recognized for being part of a team that hosts free weekly meals and for helping deliver donated meals to those in need.

On July 20, she was recognized for her ongoing commitment to volunteerism, including helping at a local thrift store during the pandemic.

On July 16, they were recognized for providing free one-on-one and group tutoring sessions online to Kindergarten to Grade 12 students.

On July 13, he was recognized for delivering food to those in need and educating others about COVID-19 within his city’s Pashtun community.

On July 9, she was recognized for sending over 300 hand-made cards and coffee gift cards to nurses, hospital staff and first responders.

On July 6, they were recognized for doing a coordinated and socially distanced clean-up of several parks.

On July 2, she was recognized for donating blood, contributing meals to a food bank, and offering help to friends and family.

On June 29, he was recognized for offering online tutoring to fellow elementary school students.

On June 25, he was recognized for providing remote support to maintain the large fish tanks at a continuing care centre/auxiliary hospital.

On June 22, she was recognized for reaching out to self-isolating seniors during the pandemic.

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