Alberta Fertilizer Guide

The Alberta Fertilizer Guide provides information on the use of fertilizers under the various cropping and soil-climate conditions throughout the province. Farmers are encouraged to use it in conjunction with soil tests and their own experience to develop an effective and economic fertilizer program. The guide covers:

  • cropping practices
  • soil types and map
  • problem soils
  • fertilizers (types, rates and timing)
  • application (methods and tables by crop type)

Nutrient Management Planning Guide

The Nutrient Management Planning Guide for Alberta is a resource for developing field-scale nutrient management plans. The primary objective of this guide is to facilitate nutrient management planning in Alberta. Information within the guide draws from theory, critical procedures and Alberta-specific considerations. The guide is laid out in 8 modules that address specific topics.

Fact sheets

Micronutrient Requirements of Crops

Ammonia Volatilization from Manure Application

Anhydrous Ammonia Use at Seeding

Crop Nutrition and Fertilizer Requirements

Fall-applied Nitrogen: Risks and Benefits

Phosphorus Fertilizer Application in Crop Production 

Potassium Fertilizer Application In Crop Production

Sulphur Fertilizer Application in Crop Production

Online tools

Alberta Farm Fertilizer Information and Recommendation Manager

Alberta Soil Information Viewer

Ammonia emissions estimator

Manure Management Planner

Nutrient Loading Calculator

Phosphorus Management Tool


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