Water Well Restoration or Replacement Program

Alberta landowners who suspect their well was damaged by energy activities can apply for reimbursement of associated costs.

Important dates

Applications must be submitted under the WWRRP within 2 years of the occurrence of the alleged water well damage.


Activities that take place during the lifecycle of an energy project include:

  • geophysical exploration (seismic)
  • drilling
  • operations
  • reclamation

Prior to energy project activities occurring in your area, you should complete a Water Well Evaluation Test and document the results. This provides baseline information for comparison of the quantity and quality of the water in your well as development proceeds.

The Water Well Restoration or Replacement Program (WWRRP) helps mitigate impacts of these energy activities on rural Albertans. The program is administered by the Farmers’ Advocate Office (FAO), and funded with levies paid by industry to the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER).

If a landowner suspects their water well was damaged as a result of energy activities – and settlement negotiations with the energy company are unsuccessful – they may apply under the WWRRP for reimbursement of the costs of replacing or restoring their well. The landowner must have completed the necessary work to restore or replace the water source before applying under the program.

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Alberta landowners may apply under the WWRRP if:

  • they suspect their water well was damaged by energy activity during the lifecycle of the energy project
  • this damage, and necessary work to replace or restore the water source, occurred within 2 years of and application being made under the WWRRP
  • the landowner has failed to reach a settlement with the energy company, and reported this to the Alberta Energy Regulator

Applying to the WWRRP

Before you apply

Ensure you have tried to reach a settlement with the company before applying. This program is designed to be a last resort in situations where attempts to find a resolution with the company have failed.

Before contacting the AER, you must contact the energy company directly to try and negotiate a settlement. If negotiations with the company are unsuccessful, you must contact the Alberta Energy Regulator to initiate an investigation. The AER will conduct an investigation and send a report of the results of the investigation to the FAO.

How to apply

Step 1. Complete your application

Step 2. Send in your application

Mail your completed, signed application form with receipts to:

Water Well Restoration or Replacement Program
Farmers’ Advocate Office
J.G. O’Donoghue Building
7000 113 Street, Edmonton, Alberta  T6H 5T6

After you apply

  • You may be required to attend a hearing with the WWRRP Committee, set up by the FAO. Be prepared to present evidence at the hearing.
  • Following the hearing, the FAO will advise you in writing of the committee’s decision. If the panel decides that a reimbursement is needed, the committee will forward their decision to the AER for payment.
  • Decisions of the WWRRP Committee are final and not subject to appeal.
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