Energy, utilities and surface rights

Information related to energy and utility interactions on private and leased lands.


The Farmers’ Advocate Office (FAO) is a resource for farmers and ranchers who are affected by energy and utility developments. Our office staff can assist landowners with managing their land assets, mitigating business risk and maximizing future economic opportunity in relation to surface rights. The FAO works with industry, regulators and government to ensure landowner concerns are addressed through dispute resolution support, Land and Property Rights Tribunal processes (formerly Surface Rights Board) and other avenues.

The FAO is also a strong leader in highlighting policy issues related to energy and utility developments and surface rights, and advocating for change on behalf of rural landowners. Contact our policy specialist for advice on legislation, policy, and landowner rights and responsibilities.

How it works

Find the information you need on the focus topics below or contact us directly with your questions or concerns. We can provide more information, facilitate interactions, directly intervene or advocate on your behalf. For all other inquiries, contact the Ag Info Centre.

In focus

Information related to energy and utility developments, the lifecycle of their operations and their regulation.

Information related to compensation from energy companies, as well as bankruptcy and insolvency issues.

Information related to freehold mineral interests in Alberta.

Information related to renewable energy interactions on private and leased lands.

Synergy groups

Synergy Alberta is a non-profit provincial umbrella organization established in 2006 to provide ongoing support for synergy groups and synergy initiatives in Alberta. Synergy groups are community-based, multi-stakeholder groups that meet regularly and work collaboratively to positively address resource development issues in their local regions.

The FAO collaborates with synergy groups and other surface rights groups to support their efforts. Their meetings provide a respectful venue for landowners and operators to meet to solve common issues. These forums also provide an opportunity for the FAO to gain information from landowners on issues as they arise and for amplifying FAO information and advocacy efforts in the province.

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