Alberta Water Well Information Database

Database of water well drilling reports, chemical analysis reports, springs, flowing shot holes, test holes and pump tests.

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Alberta Water Well Information Database

About the database

The Alberta Water Well Information Database (AWWID) site is maintained by the Groundwater Information Centre (GIC). It hosts a database of approximately 500,000 records with nearly 3,000 new records added annually. This public database provides information on:

  • water well drilling reports
  • chemical analysis reports up to the end of 1986
  • geophysical logs
  • springs
  • flowing shot holes
  • test holes
  • yield tests conducted on water wells

Data is submitted to the GIC through the Water Well Drilling Report Submission System. The Province disclaims all responsibility for the accuracy of the submitted data.

This site is best accessed over a high-speed internet connection using a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. To maximize screen space available for the application, use the F11 key to toggle the Internet Explorer buttons off and on.

Through this site you can view and print individual well records. You can also print overlaying map(s) that show individual well records in relation to other wells, roads and other physical features. The entire database can also be downloaded using the data tab found on the website.

Experiencing difficulties using this site? Call the GIC during business hours at 780-427-2770 or send an email to [email protected].

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