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This issues-driven office provides timely information to rural Albertans and supports fair process through advice and advocacy.


For nearly 50 years, the Farmers’ Advocate Office (FAO) has been a resource to Alberta farmers and ranchers. The FAO 's work extends well beyond its original mandate of representing and protecting land ownership rights. Today our staff continue to connect directly with rural Albertans to build trust and stronger links between stakeholders and decision-makers. We actively assist with dispute resolution and consumer protection. We also provide resources and information on a variety of rural concerns and interests, including timely publications and advisories on topics of concern.

Our mission is to build resilience in Alberta’s agricultural sector by:

  • empowering rural Albertans through awareness of key issues
  • providing objective, unbiased ideas and advice for resolving disputes
  • representing a unified rural Alberta perspective on matters of concern
  • facilitating interaction on strategic matters among key stakeholders

How it works

Find the information you need on the focus topics below or contact us directly with your questions or concerns. We can provide more information, directly intervene or advocate on your behalf. For all other inquiries, contact 310-FARM.

In focus

Information related to rural concerns, AOPA, and AFSC, Bee Act and Weed Control Act appeals.

Information related to energy and utility interactions on private and leased lands.

Information and resources related to the Farm Implement and Dealership Act and the Farm Implement Board.

Alberta landowners who suspect their well was damaged by energy activities can apply for reimbursement of associated costs.


Advocacy – The FAO helps bridge the gap between rural Alberta and the provincial government, bringing the concerns and ideas of rural landowners to decision-makers. The FAO advocates for legislative and policy change on behalf of rural communities and groups to ensure it is useful, meaningful and relevant to Alberta’s farmers and ranchers and their related industries. Meet the advocate.

The nature of the advocacy work of the FAO includes:

  • direct advocacy for farmers and ranchers on common or emerging issues
  • providing active assistance with navigating government and board and agency processes
  • work with provincial and municipal departments, boards and agencies to improve processes and systems in the interests of farmers and ranchers

For more information, see:

Stakeholder and Community Engagement – The FAO is committed to fostering a well-informed public with avenues to decision-making. This includes collaborating with partnerships, committees and Synergy and Surface Rights Groups, attending community outreach events and tradeshows, and engaging directly with stakeholders to provide resources that inform and empower. Contact us to find out how our office can assist with everything from informative presentations to formal stakeholder engagement strategies.

Rural crime prevention – A founding member of the Alberta Provincial Crime Watch Association (APCWA), the FAO continues to participate in the organization’s efforts to prevent rural crime and support the building of relationships through community involvement. Each year, the FAO acknowledges one Rural Crime Watch Association with a recognition award for their outstanding efforts to reduce crime in their community.

What's new

The FAO merged with the Property Rights Advocate Office in October 2020 to form the new Farmers’ and Property Rights Advocate Offices (FPRAO).

Stay tuned for new or updated resources on the following topics:

  • An FAO formal appeal process to accommodate recent changes to the Weed Control Act
  • Negotiating surface leases for renewable energy projects
  • Geothermal energy developments and how landowners may be affected
  • AER Decisions and Appeals: What Landowners Need to Know
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Connect with the FAO:

Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)
Toll free: 310-FARM (3276) (in Alberta)
Phone: 403-742-7901 (outside Alberta)
Email: [email protected] or Ask us a question online

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