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Information on universal supports, special arrangements and accommodations is also available in the Canadian Adult Education Credential (CAEC) Test Administration Guide.

Universal supports

Universal supports are features and tools that are embedded in the CAEC digital platform and are available to all test-takers on all CAEC tests. You do not need to provide any prior notice to access universal supports.

Examples of universal supports include:

  • screen colour overlay
  • screen text highlighter/line reader
  • zoom feature

Universal supports are not available for paper tests.

Special arrangements

Special arrangements are environmental conditions that make a test-taker feel more comfortable when writing a test without impacting the legitimacy of the administration. 

Some examples may include:

  • additional breaks
  • dictation (speech-to-text)
  • audio (text-to-speech)

Special arrangements vary by province and territory. If you require special arrangements, check with your local testing centre to see what arrangements can be made to support your success.

You must request special arrangements prior to taking a test. These can be indicated during the registration process using the 'Special Arrangements' form in the CAEC digital platform.


Accommodations are targeted supports for test-takers related to a medically diagnosed condition or extenuating circumstances determined by the local CAEC Administrator.

Accommodations may include:

  • input assistance/scribe
  • braille format
  • reader
  • special arrangements requested with supporting medical documentation and diagnosis

You can indicate an 'Accommodations Request' during the scheduling process in the CAEC digital platform.

You are responsible for working with your local testing centre, or province or territory, to complete the 'Accommodations Request' form:

  • Check with your local testing centre on the availability of accommodations.
  • The process for approving accommodations is determined by each province and territory. Decisions will be provided within 60 days from the date all documentation is received.
  • Testing centres are responsible for providing approved accommodations.
  • Reconsideration of accommodation requests

    If you’ve been denied a requested accommodation, you may appeal directly to your local CAEC Administrator if you’re not satisfied with the decision.

    You must complete the 'Reconsideration' form and provide additional documentation for review (for example, a report or letter from a doctor) within 90 days from the original decision.

  • Not considered accommodations

    To maintain the integrity of the CAEC tests, the following supports are not considered universal supports, special arrangements, or accommodations, and are not permitted under any circumstance:

    • use of a calculator on Part I of the Mathematics test
    • use of a dictionary, thesaurus, or translator for English–Reading, Social Studies, Mathematics and Science tests


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