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The GED® will no longer be available in Canada as of May 3, 2024.

The new Canadian Adult Education Credential (CAEC) will be available to Canadians in spring 2024. Continue to check back for additional information and updates.

Open new doors

Like the GED®, the CAEC is for adults who do not have a high school diploma but need a credential to open new doors to education or employment opportunities.

People may take the CAEC for various reasons, including to:

  • meet the educational requirements for current and future employment opportunities
  • qualify for post-secondary education programs, including apprenticeships, college or workplace training programs
  • Where it’s offered

    The CAEC is a Canadian credential. Continue to check back to find out if the CAEC will be offered in the province or territory where you live.

  • Applying for a job or program

    Candidates should confirm directly with prospective employers, post-secondary institutions and others if the CAEC meets their job or admission requirements.

  • Subjects

    Many provinces and territories across Canada, along with employers, post-secondary institutions and apprenticeship providers, developed the CAEC to meet the needs of Canadian adults and reflect diverse cultures and perspectives.

    Tests are available in English and French in the following subject areas:

    Test subjects

    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • Mathematics (Part I: No calculator; Part II: Calculator)

Earn your CAEC

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Study for the CAEC in a way that works for you. To help, review the CAEC test outcomes, practice with a sample test and take test preparation classes at some centres.

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Registration may be available as early as spring 2024. Continue to check back for additional information and updates.

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Take the tests

You must take the CAEC in-person at an official test writing centre. Tests are available through a new, easy-to-use online platform or on paper.

Replacing the GED

The CAEC provides a high-quality, Canadian education credential to replace the GED®.

Employers, post-secondary institutions and others can count on the CAEC as a reliable indicator of Canadian adults’ level of educational achievement.

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If you previously earned your GED®, or will ahead of May 3, 2024, you can continue to use your GED® as an education credential, even after the CAEC is introduced. The GED® will continue to be recognized as a valid credential.

If you do not finish your GED® by May 3, 2024, passing GED® scores from the 2002 test series can count towards the CAEC for 3 years, until May 2027.

Test providers

Canadian test preparation providers and test writing centres should advise learners to complete any GED® testing by May 3, 2024.

Continue to check back for additional resources on the CAEC, such as guidelines, rules and procedures to follow.

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