Submit a FOIP request

Decide if filing a FOIP request to a provincial public-sector body is your best option then create a request when you’re ready.


The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP Act) provides access to unpublished information or records held by public-sector bodies. Individuals can also submit a FOIP request to correct their own personal information.

Public-sector bodies under the FOIP Act include:

Education, health care and local government sectors administer their own records under the guidance of the FOIP Act. Some of these include:

Before submitting a request

Do research and determine if you need to make a FOIP request.

  • Check if the information is already publicly available online, by request or on individual agency websites.
  • Publicly accessible records are also available through Alberta’s Open Government Program which hosts open data and a catalogue of publications.

If the information you want is not publicly available, you can submit a FOIP request. See the FOIP service fee estimates.

Use the Find a FOIP Coordinator directory to ask for advice on the most appropriate method of obtaining access to the information you need or help you produce a description of the records for your request.

See the commonly requested records below for how to access those records.

Commonly requested records

  • Adoption / Children and Family Services records

    If an individual was ever in the custody of Alberta Children’s Services, they may connect with Records, Registry and Connections to request their adoption records.

    All other requests related to Children and Family Services can be made through a FOIP request via the online request service

  • Court transcripts

    Courtroom transcripts can be requested online independent of FOIP.

    For other court documents, you may also be able to contact or visit an Alberta Courthouse directly and request a copy of an order/legal documents without needing to go through FOIP. 

  • Criminal record checks

    Criminal record checks can be requested at your local law enforcement agency and does not require FOIP. 

  • Death records / certificates of death

    For death records that may be in the custody of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME), consider contacting them directly before submitting a FOIP request:

    The OCME also has a page where those can be requested if the records were related to an investigation.

    Copies of death registrations and medical certificates that are over 50 years old or older (counted from the date of death) must be requested from the Provincial Archives of Alberta, as they qualify as historical records.

  • High school transcripts

    Consider contacting Alberta Education or Alberta Careers, Learning and Employment Information for additional supports independent of FOIP.

Submit a request

Submit your request directly to the public body that has the records you are seeking.

Requests must be made in writing. Some public bodies provide an online service to make a FOIP request. Public bodies will have 30 calendar days to respond to a FOIP request and the duration may be extended in certain circumstances.

An initial application fee of $25 may be required (this may increase depending on the request).

  • FOIP requests to the Government of Alberta

    Most FOIP requests to the Government of Alberta can be made through the online request service.

    The online request service requires a basic or verified Account. Anyone within Canada may set up an account.

    Separate FOIP request forms are required for:

  • FOIP requests to other public bodies

    Directly contact the public body who has the records you are seeking.

    Questions about requesting records held by public bodies other than the Government of Alberta must be directed to the FOIP Coordinator of that public body.


Connect with the FOIP/PIPA help desk.