Fair standards

The Child Support Recalculation Program helps parents with child support orders maintain a fair standard of support for their children.

We annually recalculate child support based on the parents’ current income tax information. Our goal is to help parents keep child support levels in line with their income, so that families can avoid the time and expense of asking the courts to review their child support orders.

We can recalculate both:

  • table (monthly) amounts of child support – the amount of monthly child support a payor must pay according to the tables in the Child Support Guidelines
  • proportionate shares of special or extraordinary expenses – sometimes referred to in court orders as ‘additional expenses’ or ‘section 7 expenses’; examples include education, medical, dental, visual

Recipients and payors

The recipient of support is someone who gets child support payments.

The payor of support is someone who pays child support.


Our program allows recipients and payors of support to have their eligible child support orders regularly recalculated to reflect changes in their earnings, as shown by their income tax returns.

Once someone registers, the program:

  • offers an easy and inexpensive way for both parties to fulfil their legal obligation to ensure the child support their children receive matches the parents’ incomes
  • provides annual changes to child support amounts that correspond to either increases (for example: raises) or decreases (for example: cutbacks, job loss) in income
  • ensures accessibility no matter where in Alberta the parties reside
  • doesn’t require either party to attend court or go to a government office
  • provides certainty, predictability and transparency in the method of recalculation


We charge both the recipient and payor a service fee of $77 for each recalculation that changes their child support amount.


Minimum deemed guideline income

On October 1, 2018 the minimum wage in Alberta increased to $15 per hour. Therefore, the minimum deemed guideline income increased to $31,200.


The program’s authority to recalculate child support comes from the:


Connect with the Child Support Recalculation Program.


Connect with the Child Support Recalculation Program