Court and Justice Services

Providing a range of resolution and court supports for people involved in legal disputes.

Scam calls

Most automated calls are scams. The province does not make automated calls about:

  • jury duty
  • court matters
  • warrants for arrest
  • your financial information


Court and Justice Services (CJS) is a group of programs and services offered by the Government of Alberta, Justice in collaboration with the courts of Alberta.

CJS staff work to:

  • help find solutions for legal issues
  • offer programs at no cost
  • provide services across Alberta
  • provide administrative support to all the courts within the province

Family law – Calgary and Edmonton

Certain requirements must be completed before filing a family law action in the Court of Justice (Calgary and Edmonton) or Court of King’s Bench (Calgary and Edmonton).

Before filing an action in Calgary or Edmonton

You must do the following before filing a family law action in Calgary or Edmonton:

  • meet with a family court counsellor unless you are represented by a lawyer
  • provide financial disclosure
  • attend a dispute resolution program for the items of dispute listed in the application (proof of attendance dated 6 months or less before filing)
  • complete the Parenting After Separation course (proof of completion dated 2 years or less before filing)

Use the Alberta Family Resolution Hub tool to find out how these requirements relate to you.

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