Decisions and notifications

Listed below are the decisions and notifications issued by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.

  • Registrar’s Decision Notification 01/2020 (PDF, 43 KB) – New as of January 28, 2020
    • To improve, simplify and further streamline the verification process for creating and maintaining the MyAlberta Digital ID (MADI) account issued by Alberta government the Registrar of Motor Vehicle Services (the “Registrar”) has approved changes in the process presented in Registrar’s Decisions: Notification 01/2017 (PDF, 34 KB). The purpose of the Registrar’s decision is to permit the government to match MADI’s Identity Verification Service (IVS) information against Alberta Motor Vehicle System (MOVES), on an ongoing basis, for the purpose of enabling Albertans to establish a verified digital identity.
    • The verification process is revised to include search, retrieval, and validation steps to simplify and shorten the process for all users and to greatly reduce failures caused by data entry error. For this purpose, changes in the interaction between MADI’s IVS and MOVES are required. Previously, the required data was input by the user and verified against MOVES. A yes or no response was issued by MOVES if the verification was successful. The new verification process requires the user to input only the Audit Control Number (ACN) located on the back of their card and the Driver’s Licence (DL)/Motor Vehicle ID (MVID) number. If the verification is successful the required data is released from MOVES, populated in IVS, and collected in MADI upon the user’s confirmation and consent. The FOIP Office in Service Alberta has prepared a Privacy Consult Addendum for the MADI Program. A Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Amendment for the MADI Program outlining the changes in the process, and providing a brief assessment of any possible risks to privacy will be presented to the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (OIPC) of Alberta.
    • To simplify the collection of information required by the MADI Program, the Registrar’s decision is to withdraw the Registrar’s Decisions: Notification 01/2017 (PDF, 34 KB) and replace it with Registrar’s Decision: Notification RDN 01/2020 (PDF, 43 KB).
  • Registrar’s Decision Notification 01/2018 (PDF, 89 KB)
    • Responding to the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta (OIPC) Order F2013-06 (hereafter called "the OIPC Order”), the Registrar of Motor Vehicles (hereafter called "the Registrar”) has implemented stronger system and process approaches intended to further narrow the release of motor vehicle information, strengthen the protection of privacy and the security of the system and data, improve monitoring and auditing of access to information, and enhance accountability for direct access clients.
    • To address the OIPC Order, the Registrar has already implemented a stronger monitoring and auditing process for clients having direct access to the Motor Vehicle Electronic System (MOVES). Building on the technical solution implemented in response to the OIPC Order, the Registrar's Decision Notification 01/2018 introduces a new type of direct access that is intended to provide easier and more secure direct access to different categories of Alberta Public Bodies, Law Enforcement Agencies, and other government entities.
    • Specialized Business Functions (SBF) access is a new type of direct access that further narrows what information clients are able to access when using MOVES information for specific operative needs. SBF access is agreement, purpose, event, and record specific. SBF requires less training and reduces the error of interpreting complex information. SBF clients will be required to declare upfront the intended purpose and use of the information. This will allow for increased capability to control access to MOVES data and to monitor and audit the access that occurs.
  • Registrar’s Decision Notification 01/2017 (PDF, 34 KB)
  • Registrar’s Decision Notification 01/2015 (PDF, 33 KB)
  • Registrar's Notification of New Product 01/2012 (PDF, 34 KB)
  • Registrar's Notification of New Product 01/2011 (PDF, 209 KB)
  • Registrar's Decision Notification 01/2010 (PDF, 29 KB)
  • Registrar's Decision Notification 01/2008 (PDF, 28 KB)
  • Registrar's Decision Notification 01/2006 (PDF, 135 KB)
  • Registrar's Decision Notification 01/2005 (PDF, 24 KB)
  • Registrar's Decision Notification 05/2004 (PDF, 83 KB)
  • Registrar's Decision Notification 04/2004 (PDF, 84 KB)
  • Registrar's Notification on New Product 03/2004 (PDF, 34 KB)
  • Registrar's Notification of New product 02/2004 (PDF, 20 KB)
  • Registrar's Decision Notification 01/2004 (PDF, 119 KB)


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