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Premier Danielle Smith is a proud Albertan.

She is a University of Calgary graduate with degrees in Economics and English. Premier Smith has had a lifelong interest in Alberta public policy and finding the right balance between free enterprise and individual freedom, and the role of government. She was a Member of the Legislative Assembly for Highwood and leader of the Official Opposition.

Before re-entering politics, Premier Smith had extensive experience in the media and in business. Most recently she was President of the Alberta Enterprise Group. Before that she was a radio host with Corus Entertainment for 6 years.

She married her husband, David in 2006 and together they own and operate The Dining Car, a fully renovated 1940s railcar dining car. She is the proud stepmother of David’s son Jonathan. Premier Smith and David live in High River with their two dogs, Caine and Colt.

Danielle Smith was sworn in as Premier of Alberta on October 11, 2022.

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