An online system is being implemented that allows Public Lands Act grazing disposition holders to submit the required stock return form. This site will provide critical information and links to facilitate:

  • User ID sign up
  • Account activation
  • Password maintenance

The site will also provide help manuals to assist disposition holders in completing the submission of an online stock return form and communicate important messages about the system.

Additional online services for agriculture dispositions may become available in the future and this site will be used to provide additional information on those services.

Stock Return Form

Under the Public Lands Act and regulations, grazing disposition holders are required to submit an annual stock return form, listing the number of livestock grazed on the disposition. The information provided on the stock return forms helps the province monitor the use of rangeland and ensure that grazing levels are sustainable.

The province relies on the disposition holder to be a good steward and manager of the grazing land. Filing an annual stock return form with the province is part of that responsibility and commitment.

GoA Extern User ID

To access the online stock return form system, the person who receives all of the correspondence from the department (service owner) will need to sign up for a Government of Alberta (GoA) Extern user ID. To register for a GoA Extern user ID, the service owner must provide their name, email address and client ID. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for processing.

To activate an account, create or manage a password, go to External Active Directory Services at:

Online Submission

The online stock return form system will accept the submission of the stock return form for the current grazing year from January 1 of that year to January 31 of the following year (a 13-month period).

A form may be saved in draft mode and data may be entered or edited as often as needed during the grazing season until the form is submitted. Once submitted, the form cannot be recalled and edited.

For assistance on how to sign up for your GoA Extern user ID, activate your account or complete an online stock return form, please review the following user manuals:

2018 Stock Return Forms must be submitted by January 31, 2019.


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