Rangeland is managed as a natural ecosystem that supports vegetation which can be consumed by both domestic livestock and wildlife.


Public rangelands are some of the most ecologically diverse areas in Alberta. They cover approximately 8.4 million acres of the province. Areas include the:

  • arid southern grasslands
  • foothills along the South Eastern slopes of Alberta
  • extensive northern boreal forest region

The Alberta government manages these lands for sustainable grazing and biodiversity.

Rangeland ecosystem services

Healthy rangelands provide ecosystem services. These services are important to our economy.

Ecosystem Services include:

  • water quality and quantity
  • carbon sequestration
  • biodiversity conservation
  • wildlife habitat
  • natural beauty and wilderness
  • forage for grazing and browsing animals

Relevant legislation

Provincial and federal statutes and regulations are used in Alberta’s rangeland management.


The following are the primary acts through which regulatory requirements are managed:


The following regulations further guide management of our rangelands: