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Alberta's oil sands are the 4th largest proven crude oil reserves in the world, next to Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Guides, forms and training modules for using the Electronic Transfer System (ETS) site.

ETS provides secure access to account holders to do business with Alberta Energy and Minerals and Environment and Protected Areas.

Gas over bitumen occurs when natural gas pools are found above bitumen reservoirs.

This listing includes tenure and royalty forms check this page to ensure you are using the latest version.

Alberta's oil sands are the fourth-largest proven crude oil reserve in the world. This section guides their development.

This joint program with the Government of Canada provides comprehensive environmental monitoring data about Alberta’s oil sands area.

Public offerings and sales results for oil sands.

Learn about oil sands royalty guidelines, reporting, rates of return and interest rates.

Oil sands tenure refers to the system through which Crown-owned mineral rights are leased and administered.

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