Oil Sands Monitoring Program

This joint program with the Government of Canada provides comprehensive environmental monitoring data about Alberta’s oil sands area.

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Oil Sands Monitoring Program

About the program

Natural resource development has increased significantly in the oil sands area of northern Alberta, escalating the need to assess and understand the long-term cumulative effects of oil sands development on the environment. The Oil Sands Monitoring Program is a joint provincial and federal working partnership, including:

  • Alberta Environment and Protected Areas
  • Environment and Climate Change Canada
  • regional First Nations and Métis organizations
  • environmental agencies
  • industry stakeholders

Together, these agencies provide comprehensive environmental monitoring data and information to ensure responsible development of Alberta’s oil sands area, and to support and promote environmental protection and enhancement.

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Scientific papers and data

Review current and historical oil sands environmental monitoring datasets, scientific reviews and assessments.

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Oil Sands Monitoring Program
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