Payment, maps and information services

Mineral and surface rights mapping, energy news, information letters, subscriptions and other online resources.


Guides, forms and training modules for using the Electronic Transfer System (ETS) site.

ETS provides secure access to account holders to do business with Alberta Energy and Minerals and Environment and Protected Areas.

Overview of events and reports of fossil fuel development and Alberta energy events since 1715.

These reports and fact sheets address Alberta’s resource development activity and potential.

These letters notify industry of legislative changes, when letters are published a notification is sent to the subscriber list.

The department of Energy uses business system data to automatically update maps daily.

Gas facility operators in Alberta can use this secure, centralized network to exchange petroleum-related information.

Search for land information using the Electronic Transfer System (ETS) or other methods.

Stay up-to-date on energy news by subscribing to Alberta Energy and Minerals mailing lists.