Petroleum and natural gas tenure

Tenure legislation, forms, reporting, public offerings and online services.


The tenure system facilitates the leasing of rights that enable companies to develop petroleum and natural gas from Alberta's resources.

Guides, forms and training modules for using the Electronic Transfer System (ETS) site.

ETS provides secure access to account holders to do business with Alberta Energy and Minerals and Environment and Protected Areas.

The legal possession and the right to win, work and recover specific minerals or resources from beneath the surface of a parcel of land.

Mineral and surface rights mapping, energy news, information letters, subscriptions and other online resources.

Public offering notices and results, schedules, direct purchase requests, average price per hectare, and subscribe to receive notices.

Tenure is the process of leasing and administering petroleum and natural gas (PNG) rights owned by Alberta.

Current public offerings and sales of petroleum and natural gas rights, as well as results of past sales.