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OHS prosecutions

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) may charge work site parties who violate Alberta occupational health and safety legislation.

Who can be charged

A prosecution is initiated when charges are laid against a work site party. Work site parties regulated by the OHS Act include:

  • employers
  • supervisors
  • workers
  • suppliers
  • service providers
  • owners
  • contracting employers
  • prime contractors
  • temporary staffing agencies

Incident files

Each investigation includes:

  • physical and/or photograph evidence
  • witness statements
  • third party expert analysis, where relevant
  • the OHS investigation report summarizing the circumstances of the incident

OHS charges

If an OHS investigation determines that a violation of the OHS Act, Regulation or Code has caused a fatality or other serious incident, the incident file may be sent to Alberta Justice for review.

After incident files are reviewed by Alberta Justice, charges will be laid if:

  • there is a reasonable likelihood of a conviction and
  • the prosecution is in the public interest

Under the OHS Act, charges must be laid within 2 years of an incident.

Active OHS charges

Read the list of charges pending under the OHS Legislation.


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