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Supported decision-making

You can give someone authority to access your relevant personal information to help you make and communicate a decision.

Specific decision-making

A one-time decision for an adult who has lost capacity to make health care decisions or placement to/discharge from a residential facility decision.

International wills

A lawyer must register an international will.


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Capacity Assessment Roster

Capacity assessors can choose to have their contact information on this website.

Court application forms

Some decision-maker options require that the decision-maker be appointed by the court.

You may want to contact a lawyer and/or accountant or a fee-for-service provider if you require assistance determining which forms are necessary for the court application or for assistance with completing the forms.

Complaints about a decision-maker

The OPGT accepts written complaints to determine if they meet the criteria for investigation.


Referrals to the Public Guardian or Trustee must be completed using the correct form and should only be submitted to OPGT after other options have been considered.