These royalty forms are base copies from which additional copies can be made and used. See Natural Gas Reporting and Forms for more information.

  • AC1-V2 (PDF, 104 KB)
    Allowable costs, facility cost centre, setup/change
  • AC2-V4  (PDF, 124 KB)
    Allowable costs, capital & operating cost allowance (production years 2009 and onwards)
  • AC3-V3 (PDF, 137 KB)
    Capital & operating cost allowance reallocations (production years 2009 and onwards)
  • AC5-V4 (PDF, 312 KB)
    Allowable costs, custom processing fees paid (production years 2009 and onwards)
  • *Commercial Storage No. 1 (PDF, 81 KB)
    (Prior to 2002-2010)
  • Commercial Storage No. 2 (PDF, 126 KB)
    (Post 2002-2010)
  • Gas Over Bitumen (PDF, 126 KB)
    Royalty adjustment worksheet
  • ICC1 (PDF, 27 KB)
    Invoice consolidation concurrence form
  • MRF (PDF, 83 KB)
    Drilling and Completion Cost (DCC) – Penalty Application for Waiver
  • OFSG (PDF, 89 KB)
    Otherwise Flared Solution Gas Royalty Waiver Program application form
  • PW1 (PDF, 70 KB)
    Monthly statement of proprietary gas - royalty waived
  • Remaining Useful Life (RUL) (PDF, 51 KB)
    RUL form
  • RMF2 (PDF, 82 KB)
    Reassignment of volumes setup/change
  • RMF2T (PDF, 53 KB)
    Reassignment of volumes termination
  • RMF3-V2 (PDF, 169 KB)
    Single well/injection scheme setup/change
  • VA3 (PDF, 65 KB)
    Annual corporate average price calculation – sulphur
  • VA4  (PDF, 54 KB)
    Monthly corporate average price calculation – sulphur
  • Request for Refund (PDF, 81 KB)
  • Monthly Capital Cost Allowance (XLS, 44 KB)
    Estimate adjustment worksheet
  • Monthly Custom Processing Fee (XLS, 39 KB)
    Estimate adjustment worksheet
  • Monthly Operating Cost Estimate (XLS, 43 KB)
    Adjustment worksheet
  • Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement (DOC, 73 KB) (due month end)
    User Defined File (UDF) Handbooks – These handbooks are intended to assist recipients of the UDF in reading and interpreting the information transmitted to them.
  • Crown Royalty Detail Statement (January 2017)  (PDF, 991 KB)
  • Invoice (February 2010) (PDF, 57 KB)
  • Department Defined File Format (February 2010) (PDF, 69 KB)
  • New Gas Royalty Client Letter (PDF, 82 KB)
    This client letter identifies 'key' information relating to gas royalty reporting requirements.


Soldier settlement forms

See Tenure Soldier Settlement board for more information.

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