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Natural gas is a fossil fuel. It originates from the remains of plants and animals that lived millions of years ago. These organisms were buried and exposed to heat from being highly compressed underneath thousands of metres of soil and rock. These forces transformed the once-living organisms into natural gas. It is a hydrocarbon, which means it is made up of hydrogen and carbon compounds. The simplest hydrocarbon is methane. It contains one carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms.

Natural gas is combustible and burns more cleanly than some other energy types. It is one of the most highly used energy sources.

Alberta produces more than half of all the natural gas in Canada. The Alberta Energy Regulator estimates that Alberta has approximately 26.6 Trillion cubic feet* of conventional marketable natural gas. *Source ST98.

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Natural gas is one of the cleanest, cheapest and most efficient sources of energy.
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A focus on 5 growing sectors of the natural gas industry.

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Current public offerings and sales of natural gas in Alberta, and results of past sales.

Refer to these reporting calendars, guidelines, reference codes and other resources if you are involved in natural gas development.

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Alberta natural gas reference price

The Alberta natural gas reference price is a representative market price for natural gas bought and sold within the province.


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