Ministry of Indigenous Relations

Helps build partnerships between Indigenous communities, organizations, industry and other levels of government.

Key services

In focus

  • Moose Hide Campaign

    By wearing moose hide swatches, men and boys can show their support for the elimination of violence against Indigenous women and to honour the women and girls in their lives.

  • Beaver First Nation harnesses solar power

    Beaver First Nation has partnered with the Alberta government to install solar panel systems on a number of community buildings to help cut their power bills.

  • Public servants to take Indigenous training

    New Indigenous training will help Alberta public servants better deliver programs and services to the Indigenous community.

Our responsibilities

Working with Indigenous communities, the federal government, industry and other stakeholders to support strong, vibrant Indigenous communities and peoples who fully participate in a prosperous, competitive and diverse Alberta. The ministry is also responsible for:

  • promoting social and economic opportunities for Indigenous peoples
  • supporting Indigenous leaders and communities to participate in climate leadership opportunities
  • co-leading the development of mandatory Indigenous training for all Alberta public servants
  • working with other ministries to develop opportunities for Indigenous peoples to influence land and resource management decisions.

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