Métis Relations

Alberta’s government works with Métis communities and organizations in Alberta to build strong, vibrant and sustainable communities.


On March 29, 2023, the Metis Settlements General Council (MSGC) and Government of Alberta signed a Protocol Agreement to solidify their shared commitment to the long-term sustainability and success of the Metis Settlements. A Statement of Intent on enhanced community policing for the 8 Metis Settlements was also signed.

More information can be found in this news release.


Alberta is home to more than 127,000 Métis people and is the only province in Canada with a recognized Métis land base. Approximately 5,630 people live on the 8 Metis Settlements, which cover an area of 1.25 million acres.

Métis people have played an important role in Alberta’s history, society and economy. The Government of Alberta works together with Métis communities and organizations on many initiatives that support strong, vibrant and sustainable communities.


Métis organizations in Alberta

The Government of Alberta is dedicated to its long-standing relationships with governing Métis organizations. In partnership with the Metis Settlements General Council and the Métis Nation of Alberta, we support initiatives that promote community, culture, safety and economic advancement.

The MSGC and local councils were established in 1990 under the Metis Settlements Act and deal with matters that affect the collective interests of the 8 Metis Settlements.

The MNA is a not-for-profit society that represents over 55,000 Métis in Alberta and promotes the social and economic well-being of its members.

Metis Settlements

Alberta is home to the only recognized Métis land base in Canada. In 1985, the Alberta Legislature unanimously endorsed a resolution that transferred land to the Metis Settlements and established legislation that provided the Settlements with greater local autonomy. The Alberta-Metis Settlements Accord was signed in 1989.

The Metis Settlements Act (MSA) provides a structure and system for local government on Alberta’s 8 Metis Settlements.

Learn about Metis Settlement legislation and agreements.

Find grants, bursaries and funding available to Metis Settlements in Alberta.

Process for recording Metis Settlement land interests and maintenance of the Settlements' member list.

Interactive map showing the Metis Settlements in Alberta.

A tribunal dedicated to solving disputes and promoting self-governance, certainty and respect within Metis Settlements.

Métis Credible Assertion

Métis organizations (other than Metis Settlements) can be considered for consultation if they successfully demonstrate a credible assertion of Métis Aboriginal rights through the Alberta government’s Métis credible assertion process.

If credible assertion is established through this process, Alberta will consult the Métis organization when Crown land management and resource development decisions may have the potential to adversely affect credibly asserted Métis Aboriginal rights.

Read more about the Métis credible assertion process in Alberta.

Credibly asserted Métis organizations:

Métis Credible Assertion Capacity Funding Grant

Applications are ongoing and close on December 31 every year.

This grant helps participating Métis organizations recover expenses from the credible assertion process.


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