Ministry of Energy

Sustaining the interests of Albertans through the stewardship and responsible development of energy and mineral resource systems.

Key services

  • Industry clients pay royalties and process Alberta energy transactions online with the Electronic Transfer System (ETS).
  • Coal royalties and coal information, legislation, reporting, online services, direct purchase and public offerings.
  • Mineral royalties and mineral information, legislation, reporting, online services and direct purchase related to permits and leasing.
  • Natural gas royalties and natural gas information, legislation, reporting, online services, public offerings and sales.
  • Oil
    Oil royalties and oil information, legislation, reporting, online services, public offerings and sales.
  • Oil sands royalties and oil sands information, legislation, reporting, public offerings and sales.
  • Tenure legislation, forms, reporting, public offerings and online services.
  • Alberta's Royalty Framework, mineral ownership, and energy publications.
  • Current public offerings and sales of oil, and results of past sales.

In focus

  • Oil and Gas Liability and Orphaned Wells

    Safety around oil and gas sites that are no longer producing is a concern to all Albertans. The Alberta government is addressing upstream oil and gas liability and orphan well inventory.

  • Energy Services

    Land titles, mineral and surface rights, Energy news, bulletins and other energy services.

  • Petrinex

    Canada's Petroleum Information Network allows oil and gas facility operators in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia to report up-to-date volumetric, royalty and commercial information with government and members of industry.

Our responsibilities

Alberta Energy

  • Manages and develops policy for the development of province's resources
  • Grants industry the right to explore for and develop energy and mineral resources
  • Establishes, administers and monitors the effectiveness of fiscal and royalty systems
  • Oversees a reliable and affordable electricity system for Albertans
  • Encourages additional investment that creates jobs and economic prosperity

Energy’s mission is to assure sustained prosperity in the interests of Albertans through the stewardship of energy and mineral resource systems, responsible development and wise use of energy.

Featured News

  • Dec 31, 2018

    This year, the province fought to get top dollar for our energy resources by launching a made-in-Alberta strategy to build new pipelines and add value by upgrading more of our oil and gas here at home.

  • Dec 17, 2018

    Private companies are partnering with First Nations to invest around $1.2 billion in renewable energy projects in Alberta, which create new jobs and continue with record-setting low prices for Albertans.

  • Dec 11, 2018

    In response to strong industry encouragement, Alberta is taking action to explore interest from the private sector in building a new oil refinery in the province.

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