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Find out more about Alberta’s royalty frameworks.

On behalf of Albertans, the Government of Alberta is the owner of 81% of the mineral rights in the province, which includes oil and gas. When companies develop the resources, they must pay the province - that's called a royalty. As resource owner, the Alberta government sets the terms and conditions for development and the royalty rates.

As the resource owner, the Alberta government sets conditions, royalties and programs for resource development.

Each producing oil or gas well, or oil sands project, has its own royalty rate which is determined by production volume and the resource market price.

Learn about the royalty frameworks in the overview or estimate the cost of royalties with the calculators in the resource royalties section. The historical royalty data incorporates royalty revenue from 1970 to the present and is updated annually with royalty information from the previous year.

Oil sands royalty project data has been published since 2017.


To contact the technical team supporting industry for Alberta Oil and Natural Gas royalties:

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